The Early Years

Next year Moss Motors turns 75 years old. For us, that’s a huge deal! It represents a long history in the British sports car industry and a legacy we are striving to move forward for generations to come.

One of our goals for the 75th anniversary celebration is to gather, preserve, and share as many stories and photos as we can from those who’ve been around these British cars a long time. We want to celebrate all the years we’ve been a part of this industry, but there is something special about the early years, when these cars and their owners were first experiencing the joys of motoring. Help us remember the era gone by with stories that capture the sports car culture of the day, and the time in which it existed.

So whether you’re a sports car old-timer or just simply an old soul with good taste in classic British sports cars, we want to hear your stories from the early years.

And if you have memories of Moss Motors from years ago, we’d love to hear them, too!

*Some stories and photo submissions may receive “thank you” gifts in the form of Moss credit.

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