1962-1976 MGB Air Conditioning Kit

By Shawn Carlberg; photography by Moss Motors Staff

Owning and enjoying an old British classic requires certain pragmatism. There are aspects of the driving experience that will not measure up to modern motoring. Cabin comfort in the summer will be different in your MGB versus your minivan. While your minivan can haul a passel of family in complete comfort it will never top your MGB in the sport and style departments.

So what can you do to make your MGB more comfortable on a summer drive? Just install the new Moss Motors A/C kit on your 1962-76 MGB.

Designed by our R&D department, the system uses modern components to effectively cool your interior while taking up a minimum of space. With a steady stream of cool air directed at the driver and passenger, your warm weather driving will be much more enjoyable, arriving at your show or event feeling energized, not exhausted.

The kit is based around a modern air conditioning compressor that several new car and truck manufacturers use which operates with the environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant. Featuring an electric clutch for maximum efficiency the system requires only five horsepower when operating at full capacity. In the event of a pressure spike or sudden loss of coolant the system includes a high/low-pressure protection cutoff switch to protect the compressor.  The compressor is mounted to your engine with laser-cut 4135 steel brackets for a clean installation with or without a smog pump.

Under the hood the system looks factory installed and is a major improvement over the dealer systems common in the ’70s.

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The first component that catches your eye is the American made aluminum condenser and electric fan located with CNC-bent brackets directing airflow through the radiator for maximum heat transfer. To the left of the condenser is the receiver-dryer, which separates liquid from gas and keeps the system clean and free of moisture.  The electrical connections to tie the AC kit to the wiring harness are pre-assembled. When compared to the dealer systems, the Moss kit and its state of the art components will produce cooler air with less stress on the engine.

No cutting or permanent modification to the firewall is required to connect the OEM-style lines and hoses to the custom-built evaporator box that supplies chilled air to the cabin. With the Moss kit, existing blanked holes in the firewall are used to route the lines for a clean installation. 1975-76 vehicles require relocation of washer bottle and drilling of the firewall.


Moving to the interior, the evaporator box is located under the dash on the passenger side and was designed to minimize interference with passenger legroom. The evaporator feeds four under-dash vents located at your discretion to direct airflow. A three speed blower motor governed by an integrated thermostatic compressor control lets you choose how much chilled air is swirling around your MGB.

If you enjoy driving your MGB in warm weather you will love this kit. It’s easy to install with our detailed instructions and completely reversible if you choose to return your car to its original configuration. The Moss part number is 363-400. The retail price is $1795.95.

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  1. August 30, 2022 @ 2:15 am glen rixon

    i am in Australia and have a mgb right hand drive 1965 with a generator and am chasing a air-conditioning kit to suit. do you do a kit? do you have a outlet here? any information would be great please regards Glen


    • January 20, 2023 @ 3:55 am Jake

      I am also in Australia with right-hand drive and looking for a kit, but can’t find anything online for my 1967. Mine has an alternator. Is this available?


  2. October 8, 2022 @ 1:44 am glen

    chasing an air conditioner kit for a 1965 mgb


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