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By Wiley Davis First I opened the driver’s side door. Next I instructed my passenger to open her door. Then I lifted the bonnet and opened the glove box. “Are you looking for something?” my passenger asked. “No,” I said. “I’m fixing the car. It’ll just be a minute.” “Okay,” she said, looking perplexed. I…


Rebuilding a Relationship

Bryan Miller has spent the past 10 months restoring a symbol. The black 1962 Mark II MGA given to him by his father is more than just a rusted heap of metal. As anyone who gets involved in the restoration process can testify, it can be a spiritual journey. Miller had already discovered this when…


Memories of TVR

By Paul Richardson After my father Ken’s Competition Department at Standard Triumph was closed in the early ’60s (due to the Leyland takeover), he was invited to join the TVR sports car company in Blackpool as Competition Manager. The family moved north from Coventry, and I also joined TVR. I worked in the Experimental Department,…


Den of Efficiency

A look inside Moss Motors Imagine having a garage with a parts bin that is computerized, cross-referenced, and equipped with a staff of skilled individuals whose job it is to fetch the particular piece you need. Multiply this image until its scale matches that of a modern supermarket, and you have the Moss Motors warehouse….


Britain’s Big Iron

The TR6 and the Big Healeys By Wiley Davis Certain groups of people look upon the string-back driving glove with disdain. They equate boots and bonnets with baby dolls, not automobiles. These people tend to worship the V8. They measure manhood in cubic inches and performance as a function of acceleration alone. Their position, though…

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