2003 VARA British Extravaganza

Pre-War cars and mud bogs flavor the 8th annual event

By Leonard Emanuelson & Tom Morr

For the eighth straight year, Moss Motors teamed up with the Vintage Automobile Racing Association (VARA) to produce the British Extravaganza. The largest car show and vintage race of its type on the West Coast, the British Extravaganza attracts a range of special interest and historical vehicles in addition to some of the best-restored cars west of the Rockies.

This year’s event featured 18 phenomenal pre-War cars. Most of these relics even took to the track in addition to being on display throughout the weekend. Peter Giddings’ renowned ’34 Alfa smoked the competition during the Group 4 races, and the field also boasted a handful of Morgan three-wheelers.

Braving the unstable, London-like weather, people came from all over California as well as Arizona to show off their British cars. Forty-four cars competed for trophies and Moss gift certificates, and some 200 more non-competing British cars passed through the Buttonwillow gates. Total body count over the weekend was about 4,000—amazing, considering that the region received about four inches of rain during the event.

In all, the British Extravaganza has become a mandatory destination for both vintage racers and fans of classic British cars. It’s also become a social spectacle for everyone in California and adjacent states who’s passionate about unique cars and their colorful histories. Mark your calendars now for the first weekend of May 2004.

denis glavis 53 morganParticipants could do lunchtime laps around the 2.6-mile Buttonwillow road course. Dennis Glavis queues up his ’53 Morgan +4 for the Sunday drive.

al moss 34 morgan Moss Motors founder Al Moss brought his ’34 Morgan SuperSport three-wheeler from Arizona. He gave current Moss boss Robert Goldman a ride during Sunday’s Pre-War/ Historic class race.

heatheringtonValerie Heatherington took show honors in the Other British Closed class for her ’66 Morris Minor. In period-correct attire, Valerie attempted to teach the whole world to sing in perfect harmony.

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