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Sport Exhaust Upgrade

Moss Motors makes it easier for TRs to blow smoke By Rob Mullner A few of life’s important decisions—like selecting a fine wine in a restaurant—are based purely on hearsay and good intentions. Selecting a replacement exhaust system for your car is different. If you have an out-of-production orphan like my beloved 1973 Triumph TR6,…


Road Tripping

Preparing for extended trips in your LBC By the Moss Motors technical staff Planning for a loooong trip? Sod’s Law says that anything you take probably won’t be needed. That said, certain items are must-takes. These parts and accessories are listed below, as are some tips for making your trip as enjoyable as possible. Preparation…


Convertible Top Install

Readying a ragged-top TR6 for rainy days By Rob Mullner I’ve been working on my ‘73 TR6 for the last four years and have conquered the majority of its mechanical demons and previous-owner neglect. In my single-mindedness to whip it into mechanical shape, I’ve ignored the “soft stuff.” The convertible top stood out for two…


British Value Guide: MG TD-F

By Rick Feibusch Sportscars are as American as apple pie. In the early days of motoring, many of the world’s sportiest speedsters and raciest roadsters were built right here in the good ol’ US of A. While cars like the Stutz Bearcat, Mercer Racabout, and the Apperson Jackrabbit could burn up a track with the…


2005 Walter Mitty Weekend

Hot racing action, great car club camaraderie By Kelvin Dodd What do you get when you combine Southern hospitality, vintage racing, and British sports cars? You get one of the most memorable classic car experiences of the year! Classic Motorsports Magazine/HSR Walter Mitty 2005 presented by Moss Motors brought all these elements together at Road…

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