Next Project: The Mighty Sprite

By Kelvin Dodd, Global Sourcing Engineer Moss Motors

As seen in June 2007 Hemmings Motor News.

Next ProjectWhen you think “cute little sports car” the Bugeye Sprite just immediately springs to mind. The car just exudes cute from the smiling face to the raspy note of the exhaust. After that first impression of just how cute the car looks, there is a lot more waiting for you behind the wheel. The term “roller-skate,” is used a lot to describe the handling of the Bugeye. Add to that a pretty decent power to weight ratio even with the original 948cc engine and you have a recipe for lots of fun.

But that’s just the start. In typical BMC fashion, the later model Sprites and MG Midget’s got bigger motors and more features as comfort and safety became selling points The good news is that most of the performance bits such as the 1275cc motor, stronger ribcase gearbox and disc brakes can be easily retrofitted into the trusty Bugeye. Add some well developed performance bits and your cute lil car becomes a snarling monster.

The ultimate performance option is the Moss Supercharger kit which takes a 1275cc powered Bugeye to a whole n’other level of performance.  

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