Daily Archives: October 28, 2010


The Zig Zag TR5

In 1974, Craig Simon of Stanley, Kansas, acquired a 1968 TR5 for $400 as a college student in Munich, Germany, while his father was stationed in Europe. The original owner had purchased it in Belgium. A college kid with a sports car in a country with no speed limits on the highways is a dangerous…


MGA Trick Trailer

I’ve recently completed an MGA trailer. I have a heavily modified 1961 MGA and I found a ’61 MGA on eBay from a field in Ohio. The MGA was past salvage. When we tried to load it on a trailer, it literally broke in half. The passenger section was removed, and the front clip and…


Generators & Regulators – A Magnetizing Primer

Most people first learn about generators at night on a back country road in the middle of nowhere. (Actually, about 100 yards from a house, but the middle of nowhere is so much more depressing.) You have one of those “English sports car needs minor electrical work” from the classified ads. Oh, the man who…

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