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Pint Size Project — Bleeding the Brakes

It took three “Pint Projects”: Rear Brake Disassembly Rear Brake Reassembly Front Caliper Rebuild …but now all four wheels have as-new brakes! Not so fast. What about the other stuff? Brake boosters may need some attention, and a brand new one will almost certainly improve braking. Some styles of booster can be rebuilt at home,…


Pint Size Project — Brake Caliper Rebuild

Maybe after this we can get that little car down off the jack stands…maybe. I think last time we gave up on the back brakes and it’s time to move forward and rebuild the front calipers. Remove the front wheels to gain access to the disk brake calipers. Afflicted with CRS? Do one side at…


Negative-Ground Lighter Socket in a Positive-Ground Car.

I recently installed a cigarette lighter in my 1960 big Healey, in preparation for a trip that would need my Garmin and cellphone charger. I used the large hole where the windshield washer hand pump used to go (I had replaced that with an electric pump and pushbutton switch). Then it fortunately occurred to me…


Disassembling and Inspecting a British Engine

There’s an old saying, it’s always easier to take something apart than it is to put it back together. This, for sure, is the case with engines, but there are lots of things an engine can tell you when you conduct engine repairs or disassemble it for rebuild. Your first order of business is to…

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