Daily Archives: October 3, 2012


Pint Size Project — Cooling System

Memorial Day weekend usually signals the start of summer in this part of the country, and warm weather can be expected. If you drive a post sixties little British car, then you shouldn’t have much trouble with overheating as long as: 1) your cooling system is full of 2-to-1 mixture of  water and antifreeze 2)…


Pint Size Project — Fuel Pump

Whew! Let’s do something a little bit less ambitious this time. How about a new fuel pump? Of course, you don’t just replace the pump for the hell of it. The obvious scenario is that the damn thing won’t pee a drop, so you swap it for a new one and bada-bing, it’s a done…


Ahhh, a TD in the Fall

A roadster can provide relief from muggy weather. It can transform a tedious errand into a little adventure, but there are considerations: Seats that roast buns, temperature gauges that threaten, carbs that boil, insects and haze—all of these can be the ingredients that are the makings of adventure. I prefer a temperate autumn day, clear…

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