2018 Moss Motoring Challenge: Bucket List

Allen Decker

We entered the MG Club of St Louis into the St. Patirck’s Day Parade.  My kids, as all kids do, love a parade. I drove my cherished Midget with my oldest daughter in this event.  It was a great day and a memory we will never forget!

2. Allen Decker

Andrew Hardie

Tombstone has been on my list of “places to visit ” since I was a boy. So this has been a “bucket list” destination for a few decades. Tick another one off the “bucket list”…….’cos I done got there finally.

3. Andrew Hardie

Ann Phillips

4. Ann Phillips

Barb Scharf

Our bucket list is very modest, but one item on it was attained this year. Besides our Spitfire, we own a 1972 Mercedes 250 sedan, an unrestored survivor car save for its 10-years-ago fresh paint. It’s never run quite right, and this year we finally managed to sort out the worst of the quirks, with the goal of taking it on a 3-day, 600 mile, and gravel-and-tarmac vintage car rally through rural BC. Well, she made it. There and back under her own power. Tick that one off the list!


Bill and Linda

Driving the Tail of the Dragon!

6. Bill and Linda

Bob Ledesma

One of the items on my Bucket List is to drive my Miata to as many National Parks as I can.

37. Bob Ledesma

Bob Ledesma

Brian and Donna Bogardus

Ever since I retired, the only thing on my bucket list is to not run out of money before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

7. Brian and Donna Bogardus

Brian Turner

This is/was on my bucket list (even though I didn’t know it). Short story: moved to CA for work. Long story: let me expand on this a bit below…

I’ve been struggling to define what items might be on my bucket list. Still feel a little young to be checking items off but finally accepted that this was one of them. Initially this photo was just going to replace my earlier Curvy Road sign but then I realized that this was representative of my bucket list item and needed to be written up.

I’d been in FL a long time and loved it! Covered a lot of roads there on a motorcycle (my daily driver for seven years), re-traced many beautiful rides in the Miata too. But FL didn’t have many curvy roads where I was at and I was always jealous of the variety of roads that would show up in this challenge.

So when the opportunity came along to move to CA – I jumped on it! Sure, they do things a little different out here. Everything is known to cause cancer and is certainly pricey but it has proven to be exactly what I was looking for! Beautiful mountains, lakes, trees and an ocean to navigate by. (Even if it is on the wrong side, I get so turned around…) But these beautiful curvy roads are an absolute blast to drive!

CA has welcomed us with open arms. Kind, caring and generous. And the food! Oh my, the farmers markets are just amazing. Now my little car gets to enjoy perfect temperatures, low humidity and it just begs to have the top put down. After living most its life in New York with the first owner (and associated rust to prove it), sweltering in the FL heat under my ownership while getting totaled and bought back as salvage, it can finally relax a bit in the CA sunshine. Maybe this move was a bucket list item for the car too!

If you ever find yourself passing through the Central Coast, reach out. Look forward to meeting a few new folks.

8. Brian

Chris Perry

9. Chris Perry

Colleen Tracy Fancher

Bucket list adventure completed. Two hours of teetering thru the treetops. Not graceful or elegant but not an epic fail either. ???? Video will come if I can figure out how to clip the GoPro footage. I ended with a launch off a 75 foot platform. Splendid time!

Colleen Tracy Fancher_1Beyond this gate, there be dragons…..

Colleen Tracy Fancher_2

I’m afraid of heights. That said, I am more afraid of having a fear dictate my behavior than I am of the thing itself. I have been wanting to do this for years and finally found a place within driving distance. Here we go! LOL

Curt Springstead

Participating in the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix International Car Show.

10. Curt Springstead

Darren Dyk

Bucket list. Check. Unfortunately that will be a majority of my points for the year.

11. Darren Dyk

Dave Hutchison

Our bucket list item was 10,000 miles from NYC. So, we took a Trevor photo, the Moss Motors Magazine and travelled to the Caspian Sea in Northern Iran. It was wonderful to sit on shores of this historic sea and have Trevor with us in picture and spirit.

11. Dave Hutchison

David and Elaine Reeves

We have traveled over 225,000 miles in our little red Miata (LC).  We have been border to border and coast to coast.  One of the items on our bucket list has been the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes of North America, is beautiful.

11. David and Elaine Reeves

David Forvendel
Was on my Bucket List. Have now made it a great memory! @ the Mario Andretti Racing Experience, Charlotte.13. David Forvendel_113. David Forvendel_2

Elaine Benshoof Rossbach

One of the fun things on my bucket list is to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! Didn’t get to drive it but got to see it up close! This is a 3-fer because it also shows the license plate, WEENR, and also pumpkins as a sign of autumn.

12. David and Elaine Rossbach

Linda Weidman

I have wanted to volunteer at The Indianapolis Zoo for a very long time. This summer I was offered a chance and I took it. This is me in my Zoo uniform!

Linda Weidman

Gary R. Weidman

This is Weidmann’s Restaurant in Meridian, MS.  I learned of its existence several years ago. My great-great grandfather came to the US in the late 1800s and still spelled his name this way (the 2nd ‘n’ was later dropped), I was intrigued by any possible connection. I hadn’t found a good reason to drive the 500+ miles from home just to check it out, but while spending the winter on the Gulf Coast, we decided to make the much shorter trip (less than 200 miles one-way) to visit the site. I’ve planned on this for several years, and made it happen this winter. Weidmann’s has been in business since 1870.

14. Gary R. Weidman

Gordon Dedrick

MMC 2018 Bucket List…..You made me do it! Tandem jump from 14’000 feet, 60 second freefall at 125 MPH. That’s even faster than my TR3 can go. AWESOME!

Gordon Dedrick_1

Gordon Dedrick_2

Greg and Terri Wilkins

I shot a personal best in the National John C. Garand Match this year, and brought home a silver medal. The match is a great way to honor and pay tribute to all the U.S soldiers who carried the M1 Garand rifle during WWII and the Korean Conflict. General Patton called the M1 rifle “the greatest battle implement ever devised.”

15. Greg and Terri Wilkins

Jason Records

My son’s bucket list, to go bowling.

16. Jason Records

Jim Harris

Flying high performance military jet? – Sure!

17. Jim Harris_1

17. Jim Harris_2

John Fraioli

To fly in a private jet someday.

18. John Fraioli

Kathleen Arnold

19. Kathleen Arnold

Kenneth Mohlman

A town with a bar! One lady incorporated town. Mayor does her own liquor license!

20. Kenneth Mohlman

Joe Talarico

I’ve been wanting to go to the Outter Banks and specifically, Kitty Hawk, since I moved to NC 12 years ago. For whatever reason my wife and I never went, despite going pretty much everywhere else in the state. Last August, I got my UAS pilot certificate from the FAA. So, it really renewed my interest to see the birthplace of manned flight.

21. Joe Talarico

Joyce Clark

Was on my bucket list. Fantastic! Crazy Horse is being carved into a mountainside near Mt. Rushmore as a tribute.

Joyce Clark

Marjorie King

This coal mine was an actual working mine from the early 1900s until the 1950s. It is now a tourist attraction and the actual trip 180 feet underground takes about 35 minutes. The problem is, I am so claustrophobic, I have trouble with elevators and airplanes. An underground mine with a low seam (meaning the ceiling is only 40 inches high) – well, doubtful at best.

22. Marjorie King

Mark and Deb Acosta

Scuba certification – definitely on my bucket list!

23. Mark and Deb Acosta

Martin and Anne Goebel

North Atlantic Ziplines is definitely a bucket list item as stated on their website: www.zipthenorthatlantic.com A must do on your bucket list!!”

24. Martin and Anne Goebel

Megan Smith

The *REAL* bucket list is that I’ve always wanted to take some time to be “irresponsible” and just play. I can’t imagine a better time or car for achieving this goal. In 2018, I drove from the Atlantic coast of Florida to Washington DC to the entire mid coast of CA, covering more than 10,000 miles by myself. I have come to intimately know my interests, motivations, values and goals. I started 2018 with a great deal of social anxiety and discomfort being alone with my thoughts. In September, I found myself joyfully tackling each new day of driving without half a wish for another person’s company, and the day’s adventure to be decided by my desires alone. This level of travel demanded that I plan carefully, but it also taught me the value of being flexible, letting the plan guide rather than dictate my days.

In the first half of 2018, I traveled from Georgia through SC, NC, VA to Washington, DC and back; moved to Colorado in the black Miata via GA, TN, KY, IL, MO, KS and finally CO. I took very few pictures on that trip because we were pushing 600 miles a day, which is not fun in a Miata with a cat for a passenger! I brought the sunburst Miata out on a different route, traveling through AL, MS, AR, MO, IA, NE, and CO.

25. Megan Smith_2

The second half of 2018 included exploring Colorado, attending Miatas at Laguna Seca by way of CO, UT, NV, CA, Highway 1 down the California coast, and returning home through NV, AZ, NM, CO. I had the opportunity to see and appreciate just a few of the West’s magnificent geological features and National Parks.

There’s still a lot of the country I have not seen and may never see in a Miata, but spending 2018 on the road has opened my eyes, my mind and my heart. It has given me stories that, while some are shared, are wholly my own. Without the Moss Motoring Challenge as a prod, I might never have taken on this magnitude of solo road travel. I could not be more grateful for every mile.

25. Megan Smith_1

Michael McClain

You may have guessed, my recent road trip to the battlefields and other sites was on my Bucket List. We used to live in VA in the ’80s but didn’t travel far due to work and young kids. But this time, we took a 19-day road trip that included running with other Miatas in the Deal’s Gap area, then off on our own to VA, MD, and then a hop to Gettysburg. Saw battlefields and RE Lee’s Chapel, with Traveller’s grave, Thomas Jackson grave, and Jefferson and Monticello for good measure. This was very satisfying! Thanks Dave for the push.

Michael McClain

Neil Nebeker

27. Neil Nebeker

Paul and Nancy Rolig

At the top of the panel above and to the right of my left shoulder, the sign clearly says this Pendleton Rodeo is the “#1 Bucket List Thing to Do in Oregon”.

Paul and Nancy Rolig

Ralph and Mary Brooks

Machu Picchu was on my bucket list, and so, a friend and I took a 7 day mountain trek to Machu Picchu a few years ago. Fortunately, there’s a namesake restaurant right here in Chicago.

29. Ralph and Mary Brooks_2

29. Ralph and Mary Brooks_1


My daughter has been going to the renaissance festival for the past 5 years, but this year I went too. So exciting!

30. Rene

Rob Camblin

31. Rob Camblin

Robert Guinness

First time attendee at the NAMGAR-GT and NAMGBR-GT in the same year.

32. Robert Guinness

Robert Rushing

One of these days I’m going to get through all the flavors that Ted Drewes offers (they’re a Route 66 original).  My favorite is “The George” – a concrete with a slice of cherry pie, but it is only out for a couple of weeks a year around President’s Day.

33. Robert Rushing

Rusty Campbell

This is on my bucket list. Yikes I have so many things on the list. But one of them got on the list very early in my life after reading a book many of you know and love. It created us and who we are “The Red Car” still on my list is that 48 TC. About 2008 or 9 I started daydreaming about getting a car that I could easily work on and afford. Since both my parents arrived in America from England andScotland I decided on British then on MG and then after reading lots of articles and talking with friends decided on an MGB rubber bumper. I made the right choice for me but it took 4+ years to find her. She is a work in progress but so much fun to work on and drive! David Stuursma thanks for the Moss Challenge. And look out guys next year on my bucket list is to get into the top 10!

Rusty Campbell

Sandia Schley

Bucket List – This car is now running! Got up the road a ways – to The World’s Largest Olive, Lindsay, CA. And home – NOT on a tow truck!

Sandia Schley

Scott Spooner

The TF was on my bucket list and finishing the restoration on my A is still on it.

Scott Spooner

Simon DixSimon Dix

Timothy Metzinger

Took a bucket list trip. Drove up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire (where I spent my summers as a boy at Camp Tohkomeupog) to take the freshly painted Miata up the Mount Washington Auto Road – a long drive, but well worth it! Three days a year, they open the auto road at 4:00 AM so that you can drive up in the dark and (maybe) see the sunrise from the summit. There was fog at the summit, but the sun did break through and the views and the drive down were tremendous. Got some other points on this trip too as fellow challenger Rodney Buxton came along, and found several signs of summer. And while there’s no category – I saw a moose!!!!

36. Timothy Metzinger

Timothy Metzinger

Steve Sonntag

I have lived an hour from here since 1988. Finally went… YEA!!!

Steve Sonntag

Tom Penfound

Tom Penfound

Wade Carrington

I’ve had this car for 13+ years. I’ve been saying this day was on my ‘Bucket List’ for the last 5. Today it passed its final TX Emissions Test. My ‘94 Miata is 24 years young… No smog-check @ 25 or more in The Lone Star State.

39. Wade Carrington

Wade Wandmacher

Fly with the Eagles, Hang Gliding!
Wade Wandmacher

Lastly…  Here’s Challenge organizer David Stuursma!
And yes, he knows he’s missing a catalog cover…  : )

David: “I put “Autocross” as a destination on this year’s Challenge without ever having done one myself. I can now cross that item off my “Bucket List”! (Though now I’ve got to find a way to add it to my “Things I do all the time” list.) I attended the national Austin-Healey Conclave event some weeks ago, and was generously handed the keys to one of my all-time favorite cars. This little bugger LOVED peeling around corners!”



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