50 Ways to Show Your Love for British Sports Cars

This year, Moss Motoring has compiled the most comprehensive listing of British sports car events you are ever likely to see, with over 50 events nationwide! Some of these events are local, some are regional, and several are national events. Whatever the case, they all deserve your support, so get out there and go to at least one of these events this coming summer.

In regard to the national events, there are some which we would like to highlight and urge you to attend. We showcase here, by marque, exactly what’s in store for your delight!

First, on July 12-16, we here at Moss Motors have an interest in an event just down the road in Ventura, CA, which promises to be a feast for pre-war MG enthusiasts. We refer of course to GoF West, which this year will be a special salute to the Triple M MGs—those with the overhead cam and the funny vertical dynamo drive shaft! (Triple M? Midgets, Magnas, and Magnettes!)

Our own Chris Nowlan and Al Moss, along with Leo Pederson and the Santa Barbara Special Ts, will be hosting what could be the largest gathering of pre-’55 MGs to be seen in this part of the world for many years, as 40-60 rare and unusual pre-war MGs are expected plus any additions! 200 T-series MGs! The Mossmobile will be in attendance, and we hope that many GoF West participants will also be able to make it to our Survivors Car Show, at the Moss British Car Festival, on Sunday-July 16.

Now we mustn’t forget another GoF taking place in Galesburg, IL, at the same time! This is the GoF Central and again a super display of early MGs is expected to be on show in a beautiful part of Lincolnland. There are also GoFs in Plymouth, MA, and later in the year at Lake Placid, NY.

If your MG is of the later variety, then the place to be is in scenic Lake Tahoe for the North American MGB Register Convention on June 26-20, where the Sacramento Valley MGCC will host MG 95, a giant meeting to which all MGs are welcomed.

One of the biggest meets has to be the Vintage Triumph Register Convention in Rockford, IL, during late July, where hundreds of Coventry’s finest arc expected to attend. The Clock Tower Resort will make a great backdrop for this prestigious meet, which this year will feature the TR7.

The Triumph Register of America will hold their annual get-together in Cincinnati, Ohio, starting June 22, and here you will be able to see some of the earlier Triumphs, such as TR2s and TR3s.

Like to travel? Like Austin-Healeys? Want to go abroad? Then why not head for Quebec up in Canada for CONCLAVE 95 on July 17? Even as we speak, over 200 registrants are looking forward to a scenic spectacular at the Chateau, where famous Healey sporting personality John Chatham will be in attendance, plus other overseas guests. In addition, when you’re looking for a perfect place to travel, then you can visit a site like madeinturkeytours.com for some best preferences!

The other big Austin-Healey event is ENCOUNTER 95 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, where during August you will be able to see a fine show of cars and possibly meet with Big Healey. These plus many other fine events await your pleasure, but you can’t have the pleasure if you don’t go! Check the dates and telephone numbers on our events page and call now to reserve your place!

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