A Shift In Perspective

by Dr. Shelley – Sexologist

People who know me can tell I have been spending a lot of time with cars. Healeys especially are close to my heart. In my free time I’m either racing my 1960 Bugeye Sprite or showing off “Big Red,” my 1963 Healey MkII. The more time I spend behind the wheel, or at speed, the more I realize how much in life has a parallel meaning. This is life as seen through the eyes of a classic car fanatic.

You are the vehicle through which you experience life. You see, each person’s life experience will be completely unique and different depending on their vehicle.

We will have similar shared moments, but even within those moments each person’s perspective will be completely different depending on many factors. Your perspective depends on where your vehicle is in its lifespan (on oldie but a goodie, a newbie, or somewhere in between), its driving history, where it was manufactured, what fuel it consumes, and how well its been looked after and maintained.

Have you thought about your body as the vehicle that it is? Try it for a few minutes without judgement or worry. There’s no fiddly concours judge lifting your shirt and taking notes. This is a moment for yourself to appreciate who you are through the lens of your love
for cars.

Do you see your vehicle as a collector’s item that is lovingly cared for, that you are proud of, that you spend money on? Or is your vehicle one that needs some restoration, some refurbishing, some fine-tuning? Or maybe you push your vehicle to its limits until it can go no further?

Does your vehicle get taken out much? Shown off? Allowed to run? Is it given different experiences so it can see how it reacts? Hill climbs? Race track? Gymkhanas? Long drives? Short bursts? Sprints? Relaxed scenic drives?

Maybe you enjoy multiple vehicles? A polyamorous lifestyle where you love many cars? It is important to take care of them all, meet each of their needs. It can be overwhelming at times, but these are responsibilities you have chosen to have in your life. Perhaps they have become burdens or have been neglected? Perhaps it is time to give one a better home. Let it go to a place where it will be looked after, loved, cared for, and enjoyed.

Look at the condition of your vehicle. What does it need to help it function better? What fuel will give you clean energy? What movement and activities will keep your reflexes sharp? Look around your garage. Do you have the tools you need, the space to open your doors wide? What would be something new and useful to have in the place you spend most of your time?
What vehicles surround yours? Are the people in your life supporting you, enhancing your life? Do your relationships need decluttering or reassessing? What can you do to re-inspire those relationships?

And looking down the road—what are you doing to contribute to making this world a better place? Imagine a life where people look you over, smile, and say, “Now that, there, is a classic.”

Sometimes all we need is a shift in our perspective. This winter season, take a moment to look within yourself, your body, and your relationships. See yourself as the classic that you are.

We’ve all got work to do to bring us into the condition that we deserve. So go and refuel, repair, revitalize, and reimagine. MM


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