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Coming of Age

by Frank Barret Circa 1960 in Hanover, New Hampshire—a lovely small town nestled in the upper Connecticut River Valley and the home of Dartmouth College—there was never a shortage of interesting European sports cars, either in residence or passing through. My older middle brother, an avid reader of Road & Track, would keep an eye…



by Matt Hunter The title was transferred to me on a bright November day, outside a dusty airplane hangar in middle-of-nowhere Mississippi. But my guardianship started as a little boy whose feet barely scraped the floor mats in the passenger seat of grandpa’s car. As little kids, my big sister and I played “drive-thru.” We…


Taking the Lead

Ray Carbone1942 –2020 by Mike Ferguson I met Ray Carbone when I joined the Positive Earth Drivers Club (PEDC) in 1993. I heard about the club through the LBC grapevine and could sense this was the place to be. At my first meeting, I introduced myself stating that I had a 1963 Austin-Healey 3000 (BJ7)…


Confessions of a Healey Addict

by Mike Ferguson,Member of thePositive Earth Drivers Club Periodically, and against my better judgement, I publicly proclaim progress on my now 34-years-and-counting ground-up restoration of my ’63 Austin-Healey 3000 (BJ7). Well, it’s time to bring out the soapbox because a lot has happened “suddenly” in the last two years. Of course, the amount of progress…


As If It’s My Own

by Russell Corvese Like most good car stories this one isn’t just about the car, rather, it involves a whole series of life events that culminates with a restoration project that takes four years to finish. The car had no business being restored—it was beyond death—but what did I know having never taken on such…


The Red Zone

by Pat Sykora, aka “The Bird,” with technical input from Ernie Connor The sound was unmistakable. No need to look to know that the miserable, hot, sweaty hours of finger-numbing work were over. The nanosecond of verbal restraint followed by an oath akin to “bugger,” belied the cold, hard truth: I cracked the bleeping windscreen….


A Shift In Perspective

by Dr. Shelley – Sexologist People who know me can tell I have been spending a lot of time with cars. Healeys especially are close to my heart. In my free time I’m either racing my 1960 Bugeye Sprite or showing off “Big Red,” my 1963 Healey MkII. The more time I spend behind the…


The Hole Truth

by Mike Sinclair One day as I was tinkering with my previous Healey (that’s mostly what you do with Healeys) I chanced upon an unusual problem. For some long forgotten reason, I had the upper radiator hose off. Since it was off, I thought I would check the thermostat. The engine had been running a…


The Moss Fall Photo Contest 2021

This year’s Fall Photo Contest was a whole lotta fun. We received many entries, and had a great time watching our favorite roadsters against beautiful fall backdrops. A big thanks to all for participating 🙂 It gives us the greatest pleasure to share the winning submission followed by some great entries with our enthusiastic classic…

Name Your Car Day – Little British Cars

A car is more than a medium of transport. What better way to celebrate than by hearing stories of what you named your car and why? We received tons of entries, and had a great time goin through them. A big thanks to all for participating! It gives us the greatest pleasure to celebrate National…

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