Care Tip – Leather Upholstery

Easy care is one of the advantages of owning a leather interior. Everyday dirt and grime can be removed with a soft cloth and mild soapsuds in warm water. Dry the surface with a clean turkish towel. Use extra care to get the seams and piping dry before you apply interior auto cleaning products.

When clean and dry, apply a reliable leather conditioner such as our Connolly ‘Hide Food’ (Moss part # 220-210). Hide Food will soften and restore the surface of leather without leaving a sticky residue. Hide Food is easily applied with a soft cloth or small sponge. Rub a small quan­tity into the leather and polish with a towel. Aging and cracking of new leather surface can be prevented with regular applications of Hide Food.

Another product useful for the care of your leather interior is Lexol (Moss part # 220-200). Especially useful for recon­ditioning old or neglected leather which has become stiff or mildewed. Lexol will penetrate the inner fibers of old leather which will help maintain suppleness and durability.

Lexol is applied much the same as Hide Food-spread a thin coat with a sponge or soft cloth and allow time for the prepara­tion to penetrate the surface. Rub the excess off with a clean dry cloth.

Repeated light applications of either Lexol or Hide Food will produce a soft water resistant surface.


Advice from leather experts on storage and daily care.

Cover your car in sunny weather if possible. Direct sunlight will fade the color of leather and vinyl The heat gen­erated inside a closed car will bake your interior in a surprisingly short time. Vinyls in particular are susceptible to ‘gassing’ or vaporization. The familiar smell of hot interiors is the result of the vinyl releasing fumes. A Moss car cover is particularly useful in this respect

Ventilation is important to prevent moisture and its results, mildew and rot, from attacking your cars interior. Keep a window slightly opened when your car is garaged, and see that the garage itself is ventilated.

Dust your seats occasionally and do not allow grit to remain in the seams. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior at regular intervals.


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