Continuing the Tradition: Custom Deluxe Seat Kits

Styled in the tradition of the great British coachbuilders, Moss Custom Deluxe Seat Kits offer the rich look and feel of the interiors found in coach trim­med cars such as Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin.

The Moss Custom Deluxe Kits feature carefully stitched, thick, padded leather or vinyl covers with matching or con­trasting piping. Exact fit and contour are easily achieved with these kits.

Those who are already familiar with the perfect fit and long-lasting beauty of Moss’ exact reproduction interior kits will be particularly pleased with our Cus­tom Deluxe offering.


Custom Deluxe Kits are offered in leather or vinyl. The leather is carefully matched for surface quality and is hand selected for grain match and feel. The vinyl kits are made from the highest quality material manufactured to Moss specification. Both leather and vinyl closely follow the traditional popular British colors.

Moss Custom Deluxe Kits are supplied completely assembled ready to install. No stitching of the fabric is required. Extra bolster foam is supplied with each kit which is to be shaped to the owner’s requirements. This allows the owner to provide himself with a custom fitted seat with improved thigh and lumbar support. This straightforward but fairly time-con­suming operation gives results which are well worth the extra effort! Each of our Custom Deluxe Kits are individually cut and sewn to order in our own facility.

While Moss Motors is attempting to stock Custom Deluxe Kits for each ap­plication, we are unable to anticipate demand and suggest you order now for Spring delivery.

Moss Motors suggests also the pur­chase of new cushions and diaphrams where needed. The finished look and wearability of your seat kit is greatly dependent on the foundation beneath the covers.


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