Editorial – Fall 1987

One department within Moss Motors which we rarely discuss is returns. No one likes to return parts, but there are occasions when a return is necessary. You can simply pack the item in a box and send it back with no explanation, or you can call for a return authorization first. Admittedly, it sounds a lot easier to send the part back without authorization. However, there are good reasons to call.

Before we look at the RA (Return Authorization) process, let me give a rundown on Moss Motors’ return policy. All items purchased from Moss Motors can be returned within 30 days, if they are accompanied by an invoice and are in their original, unused condition. We will also exchange or issue a refund for parts which have been ordered in error, or are not wanted due to a change of heart. Although we will gladly take the return, we do not feel it is fair for our entire customer base to bear the cost of processing this sort of return. As a result, there will be a 20% restocking fee. If the error is ours, we will bear all the costs involved, including shipping. This policy is not absolute. We realize that extenuating circumstances do exist.

There are a couple of exceptions to the open returns policy. If installation has been attempted, upholstery, engine bearings, and electrical components are all non-returnable. Would you like to receive a leather seat kit which someone else has already installed in their car? This is true of everything we sell. Determine that the part is what you want before attempting installation. A perfectly good part will be put back in stock and resold, so we ask that you consider the condition of an item when returning it. Would you want to receive an item in this condition?

We don’t want to scold you for returning a part. That’s not the reason for RAs. We fill out paperwork over the phone so our returns people will know exactly what to expect. If there is a potentially incorrect part in stock, your phone call could save other people from receiving the same incorrect part. Want a better reason to call first? Suppose you ordered a left hand widget, but received a right hand because stock was mixed on the shelf. You send the part back with no explanation and two things happen. First, the return is set aside until Larry and Don (our two ace returns people) have time to figure out what to do with it. They always process authorized returns first. Second, because your note says only “Please exchange this.”, we go to the shelf and pull another widget, not knowing that the part will again be wrong.

Moss Motors is not alone in asking for a phone call before you return a part. Virtually all major mail order companies have the same policy for the same reasons. We want to process your return as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we want to fix problems as soon as we know about them. Your phone call saves hours of work, and this savings is ultimately reflected in our retail prices.

By Robert Goldman

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