The English Connection

Have you heard the rumor that Moss Motors has opened an English operation? We sure have. In fact, so many people have asked that we felt it was high lime to set the record straight. Moss Motors does have a facility in England, but don’t pick up the phone to place an order. Moss Spares UK serves a different purpose.

Although the British stopped sending us new sports cars seven years ago, they are still critically important to a supplier like Moss Motors. Many of the products we carry come from factory sources, or are made for us by the original equipment manufacturer. The best way to stay on top of availability is to be close to the source of manufacturing. We’ve managed to do pretty well over the years, but have always fell a little bit helpless when having to deal with suppliers from across the Atlantic.

A year ago, we acquired an English sup plier and manufacturer of MGA parts. Aside from the immediate benefit of gaining a number of new MGA sheet metal items (such as our new MGA fenders), we now have a long-term direct connection to the English market. Adrian Wood, manager of Moss Spares, is a member of the board of directors of the Association of Heritage Approved Suppliers.

British Motor Heritage is the organization which takes responsibility fort he long-term preservation of factory drawings, blueprints, and production records which may prove vital to the reintroduction of obsolete items. They also preserve obsolete tooling against the day when it may prove necessary for new production. Many new products come about as a result of their efforts. We feel it is vitally important to have a man on the inside. Moss Motors wants lo make sure that everything possible is being done lo make needed parts available, and quite often this means finding the original supplier. This task would be far more difficult from thousands of miles away.

Adrian doesn’t spend all his lime on the road, though. Moss Spares, located in Darlington, is kept busy making rust repair panels in their own shop. The line of products they already carry is complete enough to construct a brand new MGA body shell from scratch! We’ll have an MGA sheet metal supplement some time this winter. With the MGA line squared away, we’ll be producing new rust repair items for all types in the future.

Moss Spares also sells parts over the counter, but they won’t ship orders to the Stares, so don’t bother trying. However, they will be happy to supply your needs when in England. The operation is “primarily MG oriented, but that doesn’t stop them from working on new products for all models that Moss covers. As lime goes on. there will be more and more new products for Triumphs. Healeys and Jags in addition to MG. We feel the benefits of having an English connection will be directly reflected in the number of new parts we supply each year. We know a lot of you enjoy traveling across the Pond now and then. If you find yourself in the north of England, call 0325-281-343 for directions, and come visit Moss Spares UK.

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