Blake Discher – President, Vintage Triumph Register

Blake Discher’s most memorable moment in a Triumph occurred just after he crossed the Continental Divide in the Colorado Rockies. He was on his way home to Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan in his TR6 after attending the 2009 Vintage Triumph Register (VTR) national convention in San Luis Obispo, California when he came upon a flashing…


A Driven Life

Denise McCluggage began her fascination with automobiles as a six-year-old when she spotted an Austin Seven parked on the street near her house in Kansas. Not surprisingly, she soon asked Santa for one just like it. As a young girl she was smart and independent, choosing to leave home for the West Coast at 17….


The Legend of King Cod

A gathering of rally racing legends By John Sprinzel From Fishy Beginnings… If you have ever purchased a pair of competition driving gloves, they probably came from John Hopwood’s glove business, and if you have ever eaten fish and chips in the Manchester area, it is pretty certain that Roy Fidler’s company supplied the fish….

What you should know… ABOUT MOSS MOTORS

From Moss Motoring 1983 In 1948, Al Moss bought his first TC, having fallen in love with one he saw being driven around Hollywood, California. He soon made contact with other MG owners, and became involved in early club rallying and racing. He also found a lack of shops willing to work on these “funny…


Legend – Sir William Lyons

In every facet of life we have legends, men whose deeds and accomplishments put them out in front In music or art. It seems you have to die to become a legend in sports you can be a legend and be forgotten in the same decade. But in the world of automobiles there are some…

In Memoriam: MG Enthusiast, Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson, of Cleveland Ohio and friend of the Moss Motors family for many years, passed away peacefully on October 24th at the age of 66. Paul exemplified the spirit of the true vintage sports car enthusiast by driving his TC and TD perhaps hundreds of thousands of miles all over the continental U.S. and Canada….


Hero: Robert “Kas” Kastner

Robert “Kas” Kastner, founder of the Triumph USA Competition Department By Rob Mullner, photography courtesy of Kas Kastner In the second installment of our Hero feature we are spotlighting someone whose name is spoken in revered tones by Triumph racers and enthusiasts, Kas Kastner. If you have ever thumbed through a copy of the Competition Preparation Manual for…


How Heroes Are Created

Our Editor, Rob Mullner, asked me to write about the Santa Barbara Airport Races, Kas Kastner, and the modern day Reno Air Races. All right, here goes. Kas Kastner walks into the bar at the Santa Barbara Airport Lounge during the races. He has a Pratt & Whitney R-4360 engine under his arm. He asks…

The Buddy & Betty Houck Story

Many people each year attend British Car events of one kind or the other, some driving thousands of miles to be with and greet friends, others just pop down the road a few miles to their local meet. However, many other owners claim it’s too far, or they haven’t time, or their car is not…

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