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Our cars aren’t just mediums of transport, they are our companions. As we drive them, we get to know their little quirks and unique temperaments, we become attached and personalize them. Two weeks ago, we asked you to share some fun stories about what you named your car and why. We received tons of entries, and truly we enjoyed reading them all. A big thanks to all of you for participating and keeping things going especially in these tough times. It gives us the greatest pleasure to celebrate National Name Your Car Day with our enthusiastic Miata community. Here are some entries that we want to share with you all, take a look and enjoy!

  1. Amanda Miller: New 97 is now the Little Devil, because she is red and seemed to fit.Amanda Miller_2
  2. Kyle Thomas: Her name is Night Spirit, it came to me when driving down the highway at 2am in the middle of a clear summer night and the song “Spirit of the Night” by David Dima started playing, and it just felt right.Kyle Thomas
  3. Karen Smith Mine is Sophi – she just looks like a Sophi. I am driving my late husband’s car Wilma, it was named after his aunt who hated her name. (I am sure there is a discussion in heaven right now about that move) and his 1990 was named Lily after his mom, it has been passed to his son who is now hooked on Miatas!Karen Smith
  4. Nicole Burchfield:  My 96 Montego Blue is named Monte. The name was from the previous owner but I thought it fit so I kept it!

  5. Ray Massey Mine is named Carly. Because when I got it You’re So Vain was constantly on the radio. I mean daily on different stations. So I can only assume she was singing it to me. But the funny thing is also on the radio was “My Woman From Tokyo.” Which I told her was for her even though she was from Hiroshima. Until then I never would have believed that you could truly love a car.Ray Massey
  6. Nathan Anthony: 1st miata was Debbie a 93 NA6 cause i bought it in Dallas had a ton of miles ton of owners a definite beater. So named it off of a famous Adult film Debbie does Dallas lmfao. 2nd Miata 99 NB1 named Sasha after Sasha grey to keep up with the adult theme and the car is silver faded grey and a funny story about actually meeting Sasha Grey but thats another story.Nathan Anthony
  7. Brandon Giancola: My late ‘ex’ father-in-law passed away suddenly in 2016. My then Mother-in-law gave me his motorcycle. Having had a motorcycle i nearly died on and a Miata (NB2) in the past, I sold the bike (her suggestion) and bought this NA8. His name was Alexander, the car is Alex-andra. She sees the road very sparingly, but the track is a different story.Brandon Giancola
  8. Cory Gordinier: My ’91 NA is named Kaylee, after the Firefly character played by Jewel Staite. I don’t believe there’s a power in the ‘verse can stop Kaylee from bein’ cheerful. (A power in the ‘verse DID try – shot my rod and bits of my piston through my oil pan and block. One month later, she has a new 1.8L and is happily smilin’ away again…) #nameyourcarday2020 #mossmiataCory Gordinier
  9. Kenny Schies: My one and only Tia. Name from the movie Disney Cars. Found her in AR and flew down and drove her back to PA. Hopefully she will find her soulmate soon – ND Club spec.Kenny Schies
  10. Muhammad N. Ramadan: Guinness 1993 NA Package “C” Brilliant Black with 14” BBS wheels) obvious name since he’s a Black and Tan Miata #nameyourcarday2020#mossmiata
    Muhammad N Ramadan Muhammad N Ramadan1
  11. Kevin Kastner: Kasey, from Kansas City. Before that it was Marceline (the vampire queen) for the 93LE.
  12. Evan Wolfe Goodness I want another NA. My last car’s name was ‘Blue Monster’ cuz everyone called her cute.Evan Wolfe
  13. Andi Stolzman: His name is Casper! My dad came up with the name since it’s a salvaged car from California with an unknown history*. He started life as an auto, and now lives his days as a stick with a supercharger. One of these days he’ll be one solid color again.Andi Stolzman
  14. Tim Galian: Because when I first got mine back in 94 my girlfriend at the time called it cute. I said, it’s not cute, it’s mean. Ever since, I’ve essentially referred to any Miata as a Meanie, but especially mine.

  15. E Wayne Kempton: We simply called our first MX-5 (new 1989, driven for 20 years) “the Roadster”. A few months ago when we bought our 2019 MX-5 Gt-s, my asked me what we might call her. I reminded my wife that we had called our NA “the Roadster”. So, my wife suggested we call our ND2 the “R2” (yes, the 2nd roadster). Since my wife had secretly saved up to surprise me by replacing our BMW Z4 with the ND, I figured she had naming rights. So, “R2” it is.E Wayne Kempton
  16. Mauricio Iudica: My ’99 it was named from my friend who loves flowers….Petunia is a purple flower from South America!!!Mauricio Ludica
  17. Kurt Batdorf: Astro, my first Miata, a base 94. Bought in 1999 with 21,900 miles, retired from daily driving in 2017 after 295,000 miles.
    Kurt Batdorf
  18. Jeffrey L Marcy: Red Bedy- my Wife and I have been enjoying this roadster for 2 years and Love it.Jeffrey Marcy
  19. John Poletti:  The “Gulfkart”John Poletti
  20. Isaiah: My 1992 na6, “Tsuki”, was bought at night. The silver resembled the color of the moon in the light. I know many people named their car Luna, but it didn’t quite fit. Tsuki may be moon in Japanese, but to me it’s my miata’s name.
  21. Shawn Weinstock: CarmineShawn Weinstock
  22. Kevin Joseph: My ND is named Zero; I bought a Japanese car in December 7th… Thought it only appropriate… The NB is now known as the tree-ata because he wrecked it into a tree on the tail of the dragon.Kevin Joseph
  23. Len Joseph: My ex called my NB “your death trap” and “your mid-life crisis”. Something had to go. “The death trap” and I found a better wife – one that knows how to drive with a standard transmission.
  24. Al Arriaga: My car’s name is very much like “The Naming of Cats” by T. S. Eliot. Her regular name is Jenn. Her name that is particular is Me Otter. The one name left over, I’ll never know. Me Otter, it’s just a simple play on words. It’s a fun name. It’s a fun car. I’m a fun-gi?  I even have an otter theme going on. You should be able to see the otter sticker to the left of my plates. I also have those stickers on the front fenders. I have a little stuffed otter I put on the dash for car meets. There’s also the smaller otter hanging off the rear tow hook thing. As for Jenn, I secretly am in love with Jennifer Aniston, please don’t tell her. So I call my car Jenn, cuz I’d like to get in her and turn her.on everyday. Link: Arriaga
  25. Brian Bogardus: The current Miata is called CTBNL (Car To Be Named Later.) It began as a placeholder, but after a few months of not revealing its name to us, it has just stuck. #nameyourcarday2020#mossmiatamistermiata_118806536_1015314965572821_8144802117760311282_n
  26. Jacob Worthington: October, because my NC is red and while everyone says she looks like a boat, I always thought she looked more like a sub, therefore, the Red October.
  27. Brent Ayris: Akiko. Shining, sparkling, child of Autumn. Born in the Japanese Autumn in 1993 my crystal white NA with hardtop and ceramic glaze suits the tag perfectly.
  28. Jim H: “Ginya” (Silver Arrow) in Japanese.ginya91mx5_107374144_3059302954184254_5039491939832334696_n
  29. John Abbadangelo: When I first picked it up and was so happy,my wife called the Snoopy mobile shortly afterwards and I hated that name. Every time she wanted to piss me off she’d mention it lol. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last but I still have my white Miata since 91 ????
  30. Jagger, The Miata: My family raised me on The Rolling Stones music and as I got older I realized how important the stones are to my Cuban family so I named my car Jagger!jagger_themiata_118997525_243016543671482_4619233184073089593_n

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