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Our cars aren’t just mediums of transport, they are our companions. As we drive them, we get to know their little quirks and unique temperaments, we become attached and personalize them. Two weeks ago, we asked you to share some fun stories about what you named your car and why. We received tons of entries, and truly we enjoyed reading them all. A big thanks to all of you for participating and keeping things going especially in these tough times. It gives us the greatest pleasure to celebrate National Name Your Car Day with our enthusiastic classic car community. Here are some entries that we want to share with you all, take a look and enjoy!

  1. Judy Boyles: All Morgans: Blue +4 is Max, Green 4/4 4 seater is Sophie, Red +4+ is the SwanJudi Boyles
  2. Gatsby’s Garage: For #nationalnameyourcarday I decided (after seeing a post by @moss_motors ) to explain the whole story behind Gatsby’s Garage. When I first got my Spitfire, I was a sophomore in high school and only a few months before had read The Great Gatsby in English. Being the bookworm and history nut I am I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I was especially a fan of Jay Gatsby’s bright yellow, British sports car. When I myself got a bright yellow, British sports car, I decided that in homage to The Great Gatsby I would name my car after him. With the subsequent death of Gatsby and the arrival of my truck Babe, I needed a new name for my Instagram which was previously gatsby_the_spitfire. I talked with @the.dragon_wagon and he suggested Gatsby’s Garage, since my Spitfire now resides in the garage/shop out back and it has a nice ring to it. Thus, Gatsby’s Garage was born!gatsbys.garage_119234154_888302168360822_7000729514327829182_ngatsbys.garage_119445882_787763405099354_872448414814625329_n
  3. Steve Strublic: This is Gidget the ‘65 MG Midget. She’s been in my family for 45 years, though not always this good looking! I just liked Gidget as a good 60’s name… and it rhymes.steve strublic
  4. Paul Rogers: This is Hella! A 1970 Triumph Spitfire! Hella is the Nordic goddess of the dead realm, Her name means “one that hides” or “one who covers up.” The engine is a 2002 port injection 3.8L Buick V6, 5 speed transmission out of a 1998 Chevy S10 with a 4 cylinder, shifter came out of a Suzuki 4×4.paul rogers
  5. Kyle Darby: 1970 GT6+. Got the nickname because she really didnt want to wake up. Several years into my ownership, i spent several days trying to get the car to even just run. Wouldnt accelerate, wouldnt do much but idle. Got mad, left the car outside overnight and parked the 400 car in the garage. Swear, the next day it started running better. Was swapping between 2 distributors and neither would work.Kyle Darby
  6. Todd Morris: We did not build this racecar, Johnny Jones did back in the 60’s. We did have the privilege of bringing her back to life and racing her again this year (with Moss’s help). We don’t know if he ever named her..but we call her “Johnny’s Girl”!Todd Morris
  7. John P Smith: This is Edith. I just bought her from Ediths daughter Katie. John and Edith bought her on March 10, 1967 in Newport News VA. John passed away in 1988. In 1998, daughter Katie had her shipped out to CA with only 31,000 miles on her. Since then Katie has only put another 5,090 miles on before selling her to me a few weeks ago. While going through and organizing all the records by year, I named her Edith after the 99 year old original owner who is enjoying my daily progress on cleaning her up to get her ready to go back out on the road.John P Smith
  8. Ed Aldred: My daughter and I have a fairly large collection of cars and they all have names. My 73 GT6 is named Revenge after a particular pirate ship. My daughters 1966 Vauxhall viva sl is named Bluefish for its tails. Her triumph tr7 is named fishbone since it was about as much as we started with. My 61 consul capri is named beastly and my 1966 Herald is named Harold. Not to mention our american irons.
    Ed Aldred
  9. Kirk Cloud:  I called her red even though she was dressed up for Christmas as Santa and now she lives in Germany.Kirk Cloud
  10. James Scifo: Billy the GT 6… Name after my friend Billy who got me into these cars and recently passed away. I still have his ex triumph Bonneville motorcycle as a reminder of him.James Scifo
  11. Michael Schromm: Baby, she always needs some TLC. That’s Big Dawg in the back ground.Michael Schromm
  12. Rob West: My wife calls her “The Little Red Tart”, ’cause she’s apparently my mistress now. I call the green one “Flattery”, because it gets me nowhere.Rob West
  13. John Lightbody: My three MGBs and their names.????John Lightbody
  14. Ric Anderson: Meet Ruby the Bugeye. AKA: My red-headed British Girlfriend.Ric Anderson
  15. Mikael Hougaard: Newcomer ‘Phileas Frogg’ in front, no name for my BT7 yet, maybe ‘Thirsty’ ?? ????Mikael Hougaard
  16. Max Umphress: I have a 1964 Sprite named Oliver but everyone back home still calls him Tiny Car. Purchased from my aunt who bought it from a guy who bought it from the guy who would shortly after become her husband. I’ve had him on the road since 2013 thanks to my dad’s help and Oliver was a daily driver for about 6 years. Desperately in need of some new skin and bones but the horizon isn’t too far away I suppose. Bought 99% of all my parts from Moss, the 1% being a single OEM rim since mine was out of round and a radio from Ford & Garland in Des Moines since the thing only came with an aftermarket knuckle-grinder. Lots of love, blood, and sweat in this guy.

  17. Mike Schlundt: This is Lucy, Old Yeller and OttyMike Schlundt_LucyMike Schlundt_Old YellerMike Schlundt_Otty
  18. Scott Thomas: My 1967 Red MGB is called Scarlott. Because she is Red and also combination of mine and my fiancé’s names (Scott, Carla)
  19. Daniel Kammer: This is Mitzi, the itsy bitsy spitfire. She was rescued from a falling down garage one year ago. So far she has had the suspension gone over, engine resealed, timing and carb set, electronics sorted (sort of) and new tires. Shes a work in progress but a beautiful and willing driver!Daniel Kammer
  20. Todd: We did not build our racecar, Johnny Jones did back in the 60’s. We did have the privilege of bringing her back to life and racing her again this year (with Moss’s help). We don’t know if he ever named her..but we call her “Johnny’s Girl”.

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  1. November 30, 2021 @ 5:27 am jack miller

    I love all parts that make my car I have a 1991 Miata and I love it please Keep on making parts unfortunately right now I am disabled but I am saving I plan on buying a whole lot of things thank you


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