Pure Joy

I remember the days when I was young, riding around on the boot with my brother sitting next to me, my little hands holding tight to the bucket seat in front, not a worry in the world. Oh, what fun for a seven year old girl. Our mother and father up front. 

My dad, Bob, acquired this 1955 MG TF in August of 1969. I know that because I recently received the original Bill of Sale. After he purchased her, he repainted it from its original red to black, did some minor repair work, and off we went riding through the back roads of the North Shore of Long Island on Sunday afternoons, and forever pulling over to pick up dad’s hat off the street! 

In the mid to late 70s, he passed the car off to his brother George who stored the car in his warehouse, and where it has been kept since. No major work was done on the car, and I found it in 2019 sitting on a lift in a rather sad state-of-repair. 

George said that I was more than welcome to the car if I wanted it. I swooped right in the next day, called a tow company, collected all the parts hanging around the car, and brought her home for some much needed love and attention. Now what to do? 

Enter Peter Hoffman and the Long Island M.G. Club! What a better way to start my destination of figuring how to get this car up and running, as well as safe. Peter provided me with some much valuable information on where to go with this masterpiece. 

After reaching out to Peter, he recommended a couple of people on Long Island who would be able to bring her back to life. Enter Rich Mooers! 

The car was then towed to Rich in late 2020 and so began the work. Rich did a total overhaul on her which included repairing the block and fitting new pistons, rebuilding the oil pump, installing camshaft and bearings, fitting piston rods, restoring the entire brake system as all the hydraulic system parts were completely frozen and contaminated since the car had not run for many, many years. Further work included rebuilding the entire brake and clutch pedal assembly’s, reassembling the entire engine, rebuilding the carburetors, radiator and cleaning and replacement of entire wiring system. New tires, wire wheels, and of course, seat belts. 

In mid-Summer of 2021, I was told the car was ready for pick up. Talk about excitement! I immediately picked her up the next morning and drove her directly home. All she needed was a little interior clean up and we were off and running. 

Fast forward 48 years. It’s Sunday afternoon and now I’m in the driver’s seat, driving those same backroads we travelled so many years ago, with dad riding shotgun. Yes, pure joy!

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