Replacing a Ring Gear

You can replace a ring gear if want to give it a try, you probably have everything it takes to do the job. To get the old ring gear off, take a hack saw, torch or cut off wheel and start to cut through it, don’t cut all the way through, and for sure don’t cut into the flywheel itself, then use a chisel and hammer to break it all the way through, and it may even take doing this twice on two different spots for easy removal of the ring gear. To install your new ring gear, put your flywheel in the freezer for a day, or several hours to get it to freezing temps, then take your new ring gear and put on the BBQ grill for a couple of hours at 500+ degrees. Let get good and hot, the idea is you are shrinking your flywheel with cold and expanding your ring gear with hot, then you quickly mate the two together. You can take to a machine shop, they’ll basically do it the same way.

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