Sprite Light Facelift

If you’re already cutting and welding your box Spridget to eradicate rust holes, why not use that skill to make your car your own. One of the most dramatic cosmetic improvements that can be made to the front end is also a remarkably subtle one.  Stand back, watch and grin as other enthusiast scratch their heads trying to figure out  how and why it looks different. Before reading on, have a look at the before and after photos.


Here’s how to replace the rectangular marker lights with round lights. In addition to improving the appearance, most rectangular units are plastic, and the round units are glass.

Step 1 Buy two 58-61 Bugeye marker lights from Moss Motors

Step 2  Remove rectangular units

Step 3  Find middle location between original 2 mounting holes

Step 4 Cut patch panels and weld in place

Step 5  Drill three holes for round lights

Step 6 Install round lights

Step 7 Step back and enjoy the view

By Nick Van Benschoten

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  1. August 8, 2012 @ 9:55 am Mike

    To the owner of the silver sprite with the modified front turn signals:

    It looks good.!! I am looking for the right siver color to paint my 66 1098. Your sprite matches what I’m looking for !

    Would you be so kind to email me photos of your sprite and info on paint color used/paint code and mfgr ?




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