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Two Roads Out of Wendover

There are two roads out of Wendover, Utah, that lead to the Bonneville Salt Flats. One is interstate 80, and there is a sign on the road which says “Exit 4 Bonneville Speedway.” The other road is a strip of bituminous that was part of US 40 and the old Lincoln Highway. Today, it serves…


The Best of 1979

I was ten-years old growing up in Pittsburgh. The Pirates fans were singing “We are Family” and celebrating a World Series Game 7 win over the Baltimore Orioles. Willie Stargell is named the Series MVP. My favorite show was Charlie’s Angels—Farrah Fawcett. Both Claire Daines and Adam Levine were born. And our family dog Cindy…

Most Creative Challenger of 2013

Whitney Sharp of Pekin, Illinois deserves a special place in the unfolding story of the 2013 Moss Motoring Challenge—and you’ll quickly see why. Many Challengers had a couple or a few photos that they we’re particularly proud of. We picked our personal favorites and have displayed them here: The Best of the 2013 Motoring Challenge….

Kelly’s Car

Our LBC came from Kelly’s best friend and her husband. I saw it under a cover in their garage and inquired about it. They had rescued it from a field in California years earlier and had worked on it together as a project. They didn’t use it anymore and said they would probably sell it soon….



A while back, I wrote up an article about my plans to race an MG Midget in the I/GT class at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September, 2012.  The plan was to campaign the “Milwaukee Midget” at the World of Speed event, which is run by the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association. Without going into…


Saving Bobbet

(Authors note: This story is part fiction and part fact, the names have been changed to protect, well…me obviously.) Part One: Discovery It was a dark and stormy night…no it wasn’t either, it was a rainy Wednesday morning, really. March, 31st, 2004, look it up. I had just stopped by the heating and cooling repair…


Sprite Light Facelift

If you’re already cutting and welding your box Spridget to eradicate rust holes, why not use that skill to make your car your own. One of the most dramatic cosmetic improvements that can be made to the front end is also a remarkably subtle one.  Stand back, watch and grin as other enthusiast scratch their…


Reaching for the Top

Reviving the high-speed spirit of MG I’ve always been a fan of fast cars. My father took me to a number of stock car races, drag racing events and SCCA events over the years. Through it all, I developed a love of production based race cars—cars that were outwardly stock and bore a strong resemblance…


Tigg’r – in his own words

I was born in England on November 17, 1961 after a long labor which began the day before.  Even though I was a blue baby (Iris Blue, to be precise). I was well enough to travel shortly thereafter.  I left Southampton, England and went by sea to Madrid, Spain.

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