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Classic Car Insurance

Correctly Covering Your Assests! By Jim McGowan Insurance is like taxes—you just hate to write the check. It’s a nebulous thing: You send out money but nothing comes back. We all hate buying something we can’t touch or feel. But for anyone who’s had reason to call in that insurance investment, filing a claim can…


Austin-Healey: The Other British Classic

By Alan Paradise As the ignition key is inserted into its designated position, the anticipation builds. The ignition is activated and the gas pedal is gently depressed. The starter spins the heavy flywheel, which, in turn, begins the process for internal combustion. The pistons pump volatile vapor and burned gases. Then, it happens—the wonderful sound…


Jaguar XJS: Growing into a Classic

By John Rettie Photos by Scott Dahlquist Quick. Note your first reaction the next time you see a Jag XJ-S on the street. It’s a pretty striking grand touring car, isn’t it? However, old-time Jaguar fans’ initial reactions are often ones of disgust. Disgust is perhaps too strong a word, but when Jaguar introduced the…


New Mini vs. Classic Cooper S

Has BMW bred the Britishness out of the new cutemobile? By Robert Goldman Photos By Bill Delaney While the recently deceased “classic” Beetle may forever hold the position of subcompact sales champion, one could argue that the classic Mini was a car of greater historical importance. Don’t believe me? Go out and purchase a new…

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