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Car Art

Some people want their car to be precicely like it was when it was hastily driven off the factory floor to the transporter. All original, baby. And then there are folks like Steve Homewood who, with precious memories of years of youth spent in Montana and Wyoming, sent cut swaths of leather to the best…


One-of-a-Kind Tools: DIY Valve Compressor

by Russ Van Tine There is often a problem discovered on many XPAG engines that have been worked on by people who are not familiar with its design. The valve seals get installed incorrectly below the spring washer (instead of above the washer and below the cotters) causing a lot of oil to pass down…


MGA Trick Trailer

I’ve recently completed an MGA trailer. I have a heavily modified 1961 MGA and I found a ’61 MGA on eBay from a field in Ohio. The MGA was past salvage. When we tried to load it on a trailer, it literally broke in half. The passenger section was removed, and the front clip and…

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