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Formula Ford Recollections

by Ed Praxel In the 1970s, one of my ambitions was to race a car on as many British race circuits as possible. So, with help from friends and family I set out to do this. A relocation from Panama to the north of England was the first part of accomplishing this quest. The second…


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

by Ross Robbins As caretakers of old cars we face a lot of skeptics when we plan to venture far from home. In fact, because of others’ skepticism, or even our own, many of us don’t take our old British iron much farther than our local cars and coffee. I think that is a shame….


Drawing Inspiration

by Dennis Fenimore At my high school, the bus home was on the other side of the teachers’ parking lot. There, a white TR4 caught my eye. Foreign cars were a rare sight in Portland, Oregon, and most of them were odd looking Japanese creations. The Triumph didn’t look odd at all, just very small,…


Adventures with a Lotus Elite

What’s a story about a Lotus Elite doing in Moss Motoring? What could this Lotus have in common with any of the familiar British cars detailed in the Moss catalogues? The answer is: Plenty. For example the points and condenser are Jaguar XK140. Clutch pressure plate is MGB, clutch disc is MGA. The rear suspensions…


Popularity Contest – Your Favorite British Sports Car

Last year we asked you to determine the greatest British sports car of all time and after spirited voting the Jaguar E-Type – not unexpectedly – emerged victorious ahead of the Austin-Healey 3000 and Triumph TR6. This time we changed the call of the question: name your favorite British sports car manufactured since the end…


The British Invasion – Brits at the Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 might be considered America’s greatest race, but Britain has left an indelible mark on the legendary contest with multiple victories for both cars and drivers, and countless compelling story lines to enliven the story of the greatest spectacle in motorsport.   The first British citizen to win the race was Dario Resta…


Profile – Classic Motorsports Magazine

For British car enthusiasts, Classic Motorsports is a must read, which is easy to understand given that the magazine started out as British Car back in 1986. Even after Tim Suddard took over the operation in 2003, British sports cars remained an essential part of the fabric contained in every issue, helping to account for its continued popularity among…


Elite Innovation

Lotus changes the nature of exotic supercars By Wiley Davis The business card that Mike Ostrov hands to me is a focused peek into his personality. He presents it upside down, revealing a backside stamped with the words “Club Elite” just below an outline of a Lotus Elite profiled in red ink. Out of curiosity…

Background Noise

Much more fun than writing an article is the process of defending it after the fact. How could I, a paid professional, so utterly butcher the spelling of Snoqualmie Pass? My good friend Jim Pesta called and told me about the time he had an experience like mine driving top down in the rain with…

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