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In Memoriam: MG Enthusiast, Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson, of Cleveland Ohio and friend of the Moss Motors family for many years, passed away peacefully on October 24th at the age of 66. Paul exemplified the spirit of the true vintage sports car enthusiast by driving his TC and TD perhaps hundreds of thousands of miles all over the continental U.S. and Canada….

At Full Chat: Fall 1995

Recently, when I was asked for a description of the MG TC’s place in automotive history, a response was easy: “If it weren’t for this car, I would probably be in a different line of work.” No other car could have captured the American market the way this jaunty sportster did right after WW II….


It Is Well With My Soul

“Service Manager” …The sign on the door looked official enough. Silver metal letters and a silver border raised above a rough textured black background. It just wasn’t what I expected to see. Then again, nothing about this place was anything like what I expected. Below the sign was a thin brass card holder with a…


It’s Like Dog Years…But for Cars.

Sitting behind the wheel of an MG TC, for ten hours, one has the opportunity to contemplate. Contemplate at least, between moments of stark terror, as the car lurches about in a never-ending desire to escape the leash. Why is this taking so long? Only a few hours into a 470 mile drive from Petersburg,…

Bob’s Garage – Spring 1987

More tips! This is the technical tip issue for Bob’sGarage. I have a number of tips, some based on comments and suggestions, and others which were sent in by customers. They all have one thing in common. We haven’t had room for them in previous Moss Motorings, so I thought I’d lump them together in…


MG T-Series: The Sports Car America Loved First

The GIs stationed in Europe after the Second World War first fell in love with them. And when they shipped them home, America captured the fever. Arguably the MG TC began this country’s love affair with the sports car. MG TCs were fun, nimble, compact and bathed its occupants in sunshine. From those first imports,…


My First and Last First

The Grand Prix cars racing around Long Beach brings back a memory of about 55 years ago. My husband Jack and I loved cars. He was one of the first to sign up to purchase the new MGs being brought over from England. Ours was a little two-seater with a red and black plaid top….


Movie Magic with an MG TC

Whatever happened to that British Racing Green MG TC in the academy-award winning film, The Way We Were? 39 years later, I can tell you that it’s happily parked in my garage. Acquiring my MG TC At age 10 I saw a photograph of a 1947 MG TC. It was black, with chrome wire wheels, and red wheel wells….

Roving Representative: Paul Johnson

From Moss Motoring 1983 We would like to take this opportunity to give you a chance to meet some of the Moss Motors’ people whom you might one day run across somewhere around the country… Name: Paul Johnson Home State: Ohio Occupation: Moss East Coast Club Representative I purchased my first MG, a 1948 TC, while…

Persistance Pays

From Moss Motoring 1983 My acquisition of the 1950 MG-TD I now own is interestingly humorous. Since 1969 when the MG was introduced to me (until then I hadn’t really noticed how beautiful a car it was) I had wanted to purchase one. Searching the classifieds in Feb. of 1982 I saw one for sale….

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