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British Value Guide: A-H Sprite/MG Midget

By Rick Feibusch These cheap and cheerful little roadsters were the mainstays of entry-level sportscar ownership for decades as well as fierce little battlers on the racetrack. They still can be seen as viable contenders in contemporary SCCA sportscar racing as well as very capable and competitive vintage racecars. This guide will concentrate on the…

The MG Olympics in 1996

Runners to your marks…get set…bang! GO! Another Olympic year is upon us. Many of us couch potatoes will more than likely be spending more time in front of the tube this summer hoping our men and women can bring home the gold. For the last 15 years or so I have been the owner of several MGs,…

Most Creative Challenger of 2013

Whitney Sharp of Pekin, Illinois deserves a special place in the unfolding story of the 2013 Moss Motoring Challenge—and you’ll quickly see why. Many Challengers had a couple or a few photos that they we’re particularly proud of. We picked our personal favorites and have displayed them here: The Best of the 2013 Motoring Challenge….


Mighty Midget: One Big Bad Blown Midget

If drivers match their cars, as owners match their dogs, then a glance at my MG midget clearly suggest that I wish to be an irresponsible teenager. Caring not a whit for safety, I am an immortal, screaming down the road with blaring exhaust, and my hair on fire. Please disregard the overweight, middle-aged man…

Trust the Results

Sir Stanly Hooker, a brilliant engineer at Rolls Royce from WWII through development of the Olympus engines used on the Concorde, wrote an autobiography titled Not Much of an Engineer. He was lying. Stanley Hooker was a brilliant engineer. Well I’m not much of a mechanic, and that’s the truth. As proof of the premise,…


Sprites and Midgets: Cheap and Cheerful

The most amount of enjoyment for the least amount of money Cute, fun, and affordable are the key benefits that most MG Midget and post-Bugeye Sprite owners point to proudly. Pin-sharp handling and throttle response makes drivers smile. Vintage racers and autocrossers love the power-to-weight ratio and potential for hot tuning. In production for 18…

Kelly’s Car

Our LBC came from Kelly’s best friend and her husband. I saw it under a cover in their garage and inquired about it. They had rescued it from a field in California years earlier and had worked on it together as a project. They didn’t use it anymore and said they would probably sell it soon….


The Best of 1979

I was ten-years old growing up in Pittsburgh. The Pirates fans were singing “We are Family” and celebrating a World Series Game 7 win over the Baltimore Orioles. Willie Stargell is named the Series MVP. My favorite show was Charlie’s Angels—Farrah Fawcett. Both Claire Daines and Adam Levine were born. And our family dog Cindy…

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