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Electric TR4

Last month our British Motor Club of Southern New Jersey club members attended a workshop at Motorcar Garage on the Lucas electrical and wiring systems, famous in British cars. Coincidently, in conversation with other club members, I mentioned that last June I had completed a full restoration and EV conversion of a 1967 Triumph TR4a…


I Have a Confession to Make

Hopefully you have an Anglican priest on staff because I need to confess my sins. As a young lad I dreamed of owning a T-series MG. In 1965 when I was 8 my cousin bought a new MGB and took me for a ride and I was hooked on British cars. At thirteen I bought…


MGA Resto with a Twist—Or Is It a Stretch?

In 1997 I found a 1958 MGA that someone had used as a parts car back in the 1980s. I soon discovered that the body and frame were too far gone with rust, and with no engine and other important parts gone, this was going to be a very difficult restoration. So I asked myself,…


Little Go Green – Electric Bugeye

After quite a rough life that included a wreck, a nasty encounter with a rogue firework, and decades in storage, Mark Hayes’ trusty Sprite has been revived. He has truly breathed new life into what’s now an eco-friendly and literally green electric commuter car. Nicknamed the Little Go Green, this 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite MkII—don’t let…


MGB V8 Restomod

Over the years I have restored several sports cars including a Lotus Elan and an Alfa Romeo spider, as well as a non-sports car, a Morris Minor Traveler. My daily drivers have been a series of 4 cylinder cars (with the exception of a 2 cylinder Honda 600). About 6 years ago I thought it…


Resto-Mod MGB

Resto-Mod MGB A slalom-crazy wolf in sheep’s clothing By Jonathan Lane, photography by Scott Dahlquist Many cars live out their lives providing basic transportation, occasionally basking in the glory of a fresh oil change or a new set of tires. However, they eventually succumb to the creaks and groans of old age, ending up in…

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