MGA Resto with a Twist—Or Is It a Stretch?

In 1997 I found a 1958 MGA that someone had used as a parts car back in the 1980s. I soon discovered that the body and frame were too far gone with rust, and with no engine and other important parts gone, this was going to be a very difficult restoration.

So I asked myself, What would the designers at Abingdon do if it were the 1950s and they were asked to build a new MG that would compete with the larger cars of the day? Here’s what I came up with. I used a 3.8L inline six with a 5-speed, 13 sheets of hand-formed steel and all new parts from Moss Motors. I am building another one just like it. So if you’re in the Griffin, Georgia area, come by for a visit.

Tony Monroy
Griffin, Ga.

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