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A Legacy of Love and Restoration

By Marissa Neely In the world of car restoration, the passage of time often intertwines with the preservation of memories, creating a tapestry of family bonds that transcends generations. It is a realm where grease-stained hands become the conduit for passing down not just mechanical skills but also a profound sense of heritage and tradition….


Leaving the Preservation Class

By Keith Daniel Back in the latter half of the last century I restored my Austin-Healey. All new metal front to back on the bottom 12 inches. Went through the brakes, hoses, belts, starter and generator. Just an amateur restore, not a frame-off, but turned out pretty good. Got my friend with a body shop…


Escaping the Junkpile

I had a friend at work that was looking for a MG Midget. He found one on Craig’s List that was located near where I lived.  As he knew that I had some prior experience with MGs, he asked me if I would go with him to look at it and help appraise it.


Lesson After Lesson After Lesson Learned

by Keith Wylde I bought a running 1964 E-Type in 1974. The car had problems, but some fiberglass patches, Bondo, and a backyard paint job made them easy to overlook. The car was fast, fun, and became a daily driver for a couple of years, but the car needed constant attention. Also, every time I…


My First Sportscar

*This essay was written way back in 1984. All the cars mentioned are now just memories, except the 1968 Mercedes, which is still my favorite car and still bears the cut in the rubber bumper guard. The Alfa Romeo is now owned by the girl’s brother and is sitting in a barn waiting restoration, but…


Choosing a Welding Machine

Sparking Controversy: Which welding machine is right for you? Sooner or later it’s going to happen and you won’t resist the urge any longer. You’re going to get a welding machine. But what kind? What type of welding you plan to do. What projects may arise in the future that you might need a better…


Period Correct

By Chris Seely I’ve always had an eye for cool old things—mainly tools, toys, pocket knives, etc. This was fostered by my mother who took my sister and I to yard sales nearly every weekend. For several summers growing up, we would get into the back of her Subaru station wagon and navigate her to…


My ‘60s Love Affair

By Ray Martinez “Can you recall your love affair from 50 years ago? Your first love? Your real first love affair?” Aaaahhhh …. I will never forget mine… It has been exactly 52 years, and I think of her every single day. Not a day goes by without wishing her back. It all started when…


Junkyard Derelict to Garage Buddy

There she is looking her best in her carmine red and black attire, gleaming in the hot sun. I can hardly take my eyes off her. No, she isn’t some fine looking lady; she’s my Austin-Healey 100M. It has taken only 20 years, moves through several states and a sorely depleted savings account, but at…


Built to Last

By Ed Sweeney My father is a craftsman. Not by trade, as he spends his days managing an industrial machine shop. Many of the same standards apply, but it’s much less of an artistic endeavor. He saved that skill set for home, which allowed me to observe the process. Rebuilding his MGB in the garage…

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