The Not-So-Silent Auction

by Vinny Minchillo

Owning an MGA is more about love than money, but many of us still like to keep an eye on the changing values of our cars. This brings us to a popular online auction site that specializes in unusual and collector vehicles. While it’s great to see all these wonderful cars, the real action is in the comments where knowledgeable enthusiasts, especially those with no interest in bidding on the car, offer their thoughts.

Imagine if I put my beloved 1962 MGA Mk II Roadster up for auction (I’m not), what would the comments section be like? For the record, these are all based on actual comments found on auction sites. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. And the guilty. MM

MGAVinny (seller) has posted 68 photos and 2 videos

I had one just like this years ago. Except a different color, a different model, it was a Triumph instead of an MG and it belonged to my brother who never even let me sit in it. Loved that car, wish I could bid on this one.

Shame about the ashtray screw being the wrong size. Common mistake. Pity really. Otherwise looks to be a decent driver grade car assuming you don’t get too close.

That’s clearly a Jaguar ashtray screw. I have the correct one in a box somewhere.

Bet the muffler clamps are on backward, too.

Can we get photos of the master cylinder? Also the hole in the bumper where the crank goes through. And does it have the standard dipstick or the high performance one?

Louisville Linda:
I know the listing says this is a matching numbers car, but I’d like to know if all the numbers match.

Can we get some photos inside the gas tank? I read on a diesel truck forum these are notoriously dirty on the inside.

MGAVinny (seller) has posted an additional 6,233 photos

Can you post a video showing a close up of the clutch pedal engaging, but without your foot on the pedal so we can see the action?

MGAVinny (seller) has posted an additional 48 videos

Off topic, but a friend of mine in high school had a Dodge Charger in this same color combo, except the complete opposite. Man, I loved that car, wish I could afford to bid on this one.

Does it run hot? I bet the valves are out of adjustment.

The timing is probably off, that makes a car run hot.

What temperature is the thermostat? Have you checked to see if the thermostat opens by putting it in a pot of boiling water?

MGAVinny (seller): The car runs at the correct temperature.

Maybe it’s a problem with the gauge. A lot of those don’t work right, either. Lucas, the Prince of Darkness.

MGAVinny (seller): The gauge is made by Smiths.

That’s where you go to work after you get fired from Lucas.

I don’t really like MGAs, but this one seems decent if that’s what you’re into.

Reminds me of the Fiat my wife and I bought right after we were married. It burned a quart of oil a day, wouldn’t start when the temperature was below 60 and caught fire every Spring. Wish I still had that car. Still have the wife.

I really like this car, but I’m holding out for one with an
LS swap.

In the video the engine sound seems a little off. Maybe the number three cylinder intake valve is slightly out of adjustment or the engine is about to throw a rod. Not planning to bid on this car, just trying to be helpful.

The non-original radiator cap is on askew and the demister vents aren’t exactly even. Sad to see you come up so short. Gallant effort, you’ve learned a lot for next time.

I have the twin to this car. Only it’s red instead of black and in pieces in my garage. Also, I think it may be a Sunbeam. Haven’t looked at it in a while.

Does the car start and run?

MGAVinny (seller): Ran when parked. 15 minutes ago.

When I was a kid I worked at a dealership that sold these. Always had to fix them, because they broke every day. Hated them then, hate them even more now. Good luck with the auction.

Would a rotary engine fit? How hard would that be to do?

This would make a great rat rod.

Wasn’t there a Car Talk episode about an MGA held together by rust? Or maybe it was an Oldsmobile? I don’t remember.

I miss those guys. Reminds me of a story about an old Chevy Impala I had. Me and Betty Lou Simpson were in the back seat and her daddy came and found us. I think he had an Oldsmobile, so that’s probably what I was thinking about.

In pic number 46 it looks like you have an old cash register. Is that for sale?

Is that color Midnight Black, Coal Black or, to my eye, it looks like a bit more of an Onyx Black?

Seller probably has the camera set wrong. What ISO did you use?

I bought one of these in high school for $11. It broke every day and rusted away while I watched. The door popped open and my girlfriend tumbled out into a field. We laughed and laughed as they loaded her into the ambulance. I loved that car.

MGAVinny (seller) has turned off comments for this auction

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  1. January 18, 2022 @ 9:59 am linda rautio

    what was this car sold for


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