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A Short Tale

By Ned Surleth With most of our projects hibernating during this season of winter wonder, I thought, why not snuggle up to a cozy fire with a hot-toddy and share a yarn I call the “Post-Holiday Hot Wires.” Comfortable?Here goes… Once Upon a time in a land called Tenn-Es-See there lived an old geezer who…


Some Dos & Dont’s (but mostly don’ts)

By Ned Serleth This little tech article is for all you backyard mechanics who work as wholeheartedly as Ted, my friend and mentor. Unfortunately, so much of my own work, which I attempted before I found Ted, the Dalai Lama of MGA reconstructive surgery, caused me to suffer untold hours of labor that would have…


Some More Dos Than Don’ts When Working on Your MGA

by Ned Serleth Perhaps you’ve read my last DIY exposé in Moss Motoring on working on your MGA. Well, let’s ramble on and address another step of the restoration process: body repair, especially those infernal B-posts, sills, and accompanying rocker panels where rust grows like weeds in a garden, causing the body of your MGA…


Coming of Age

by Frank Barret Circa 1960 in Hanover, New Hampshire—a lovely small town nestled in the upper Connecticut River Valley and the home of Dartmouth College—there was never a shortage of interesting European sports cars, either in residence or passing through. My older middle brother, an avid reader of Road & Track, would keep an eye…


Inside the 1955 Le Mans Tragedy

Inside the 1955 Le Mans Tragedy There were no sponsorship liveries on the 60 cars that started at Le Mans in 1955. Instead, they were adorned in the national racing colors of the countries that each represented: Rosso Corsa, Bleu de France, British Racing Green and German silver. As an endurance contest there was no…


Advice from a Mechanic

By David Stuursma “All the good mechanics are disappearing. So I’ve raised my own.” Dick Luening said pointing to his sons. “Glen’s a hardcore mechanic, and Todd, my younger son, is an metal artist. Todd can weld a car together. I don’t have to look for rust-free MGBs. It’s unfortunate, but the true mechanics are…

Maggie and Long-term Storage

Maggie Mae is on the road again. After nine years of storage, Maggie, a 1957 MGA, is back where she belongs. Rousing her from her slumber and putting her back on the road proved to be almost effortless, thanks in part to a little care and forethought taken when I put her into self storage….

Name Your Car Day – Little British Cars

A car is more than a medium of transport. What better way to celebrate than by hearing stories of what you named your car and why? We received tons of entries, and had a great time goin through them. A big thanks to all for participating! It gives us the greatest pleasure to celebrate National…


Kent Prather, EIGHT-Time SCCA Champion

Kent Prather has been racing the same 1962 MGA for nearly 30 years. Together they’ve made history: Prather has taken the car to the SCCA national championships every year since 1984 and has won an unprecedented six G Production championships. His track record earned him the SCCA President’s Cup in 2005, the highest award in…


Taking the Lead

by Ken Prather I really enjoyed your write-up on Jack Merryman in the last issue. Glad you got to meet him. He’s the guy that introduced me to the engine dyno back in 1982. I have a quick story for you. I started sports car racing in 1979 with my G Production MGA. I have…

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