Through the Windscreen: Fall 1998

First, let me say how much we’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you on the road during our travels with the Mossmobile. We really appreciate the many kind things you have to say about Moss Motors and our staff, and we now look forward to the remainder of the season and meeting even more of our fine customers!

Certainly, many of our customers were in evidence at the Moss Sports Car Festival held last month, and they all told us what a wonderful time they had!

Once again, we remind editors and compilers of club publications that if you wish to reprint anything that has appeared in Moss Motoring, you are at liberty to do so PROVIDED a full acknowledgment as to the source is credited. A simple byline, such as “Courtesy of Moss Motoring,” is adequate. Also, we’ve seen one or two examples recently, in club magazines, where our copyrighted artwork or cartoons have been lifted without permission or credit. I can’t stress how serious a view is taken of this matter! It only takes a brief note or a phone call to the editor on the Moss 800 number to obtain the required permission.

Even more serious are those people who have “pirated” the front covers of our catalogs and printed them on T-shirts for sale. Like the NFL and the NBA, we will vigorously pursue and prosecute to the full extent individuals who make and sell illegal merchandise bearing copyrighted Moss Motors artwork.

Recently, we read a report in a club magazine where a customer from the east coast apparently felt that he did not receive the “full treatment” when he arrived unannounced at our Goleta facility one Saturday morning. Normally, if we know you are intending to pay us a visit, we will arrange for someone to show you around Moss, and in general treat you like the thousands of other visitors who each year make the pilgrimage to Southern California. One has only to look at the comments in our showroom visitors’ book to see what they think about their welcome at Moss.

However, most Saturdays during the summer, our incoming telephone lines are red hot (we are the major mall order supplier in the country, after all!) and the sales counter also gets very busy at certain periods. At times like these, it may not always be possible to give you the full monty and the five cent tour of the salesroom, warehouse, machine shop, and garage that we would wish to do for any customer who arrives. This is mainly because all our excellent sales staff are committed in other activities at certain times. So please bear with us at times like these, and please call in advance so we may be the perfect hosts!

On the other side of the visitor page…

“Dear Moss,

Thank you very much for the wonderful tour of Moss Motors last Friday. I stopped by at 4:55 p.m. and was expecting the bum’s rush out the door! Instead, “Mahalo nui loa” Carlos, for the one-hour tour on your own time, and the great stories! Now I feel even more like family. Incidentally, your Buttonwillow event was just fantastic! Thanks again!

—Buck Joiner, Maui, Hawaii”

So you can please some of the people…

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Triumph cars, over 1,500 examples of the marque gathered at the Heritage Museum at Gaydon in England during the last weekend in May. We thought you might like to see some of the more unique cars which were on display, and we hope to bring you a more comprehensive report from Bill Piggott, our Triumph correspondent in the U.K. (who incidentally took the pictures) in a future issue of Moss Motoring.

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