The Club Scene – Summer 1993

Lots to get through this issue, but first I’ll update you on the progress of some of your colleagues In adversity – the British sports car owners within the Moss crew! Our esteemed Editor is currently driving her MG TF, due to her TR6 undergoing an extensive facelift in the metal department, but rumor has it that her Triumph genes have come to the fore again in the purchase of a GT6,to add to the Spitfire already in her stable.

Meanwhile, our Art & Advertising Manager, Dave Polarek, has seen the rebuilding of the rear end of his TR7 completed and he should soon be on the road enjoying open top motoring once again. Also from our Art department, Jill Jones has personally, painstakingly (and sometimes frustratingly!) rebuilt the front suspension of her MGB. Our Chairman’s Bugeye Sprite has been seen racing at various VARA events, driven by his son Robert, but Howard will soon have it back as his personal transportation, as another Bugeye has been obtained for the competitive scene. Robert hopes to have his 1935 MG PB ready in time to drive via Utah and Pikes Peak to the University Motors Summer Party, some trip! Incidentally, to demonstrate what art Anglophile the Chairman of Moss Motors really is, he has been see traveling around in his latest acquisition, a Rover Sterling which he is very enthusiastic about!

In the sales department, Bob Cote has now sorted out his Healey 3000 and is looking forward to some Healey happenings this summer, while Jonathan Lane continues to be quite competitive in his MGB race car – speaking of which – we now have Kelvin Dodd’s full works-type replica MGB race car under the roof, which bears the registration number 7DBL! No student of MGB history will need reminding why those numbers are significant. (7DBL was one of the Abingdon factory’s most successful Le Mans MGBs —E.d.) The unique Moss TD pick-up is currently being sorted out and will be seen at several events this year, driven by Special Projects Coordinator Harry Haigh, while David Eichelbaum (who has been sending out our superb new press releases) continues to work on his magnificent Concours TR4A. Chris Nowlan has rebuilt both his TC and TD engines this winter and will be pleased to see you all at Lake Tahoe’s GOF West.

Personally, I now have the side stripe back on my MGB (thanks to all those who wrote in telling me how it should be affixed!), my GT remains in primer due to lack of time, and the TD, of course, is
like the Energizer Bunny – just keeps going…and going…

So you can see. when it comes to actual knowledge and hands-on experience with British sports cars, there’s no better place to turn than Moss and the Moss staff. For over 45 years (since our founder Al Moss first got his hands dirty on a then-new TC), we have been the leader in the care and maintenance of your British sports cars, and we will continue to offer the very best service,
advice, and a sympathetic ear, while providing the best parts in the business. Why else would our competitors refer many enthusiasts with those hard-to-answer technical questions to Moss Motors?

Even the Moss RV has undergone its annual service, and is ready for this year’s Moss Road Show. I’d
like to highlight some of the major events taking place at which we hope to be present to meet and greet you. Following what promises to be another gigantic MG Marque Day, here in Goleta on
June 5th, we will head out to Wisconsin for the British Field Meet at Sussex near Milwaukee on Father’s day, June 20th. Then, down to St. Louis where the North American MGB Register will be holding their annual convention, starting June 24th. with special guest Ken Costello from England.
Ken. you will recall, was the first to put the old Buick V8 Into an MGB, long before the MG factory produced the MGB GT V8.

The following week should see us in “thoroughbred” country, in Louisville, Kentucky, where a real bunch of thoroughbreds – the mighty Austin-Healeys – will gather at Conclave, June 28th, for a
week of festive excitement. If you’re a Healey fan. don’t miss this one! During the same time period our Moss Team II will be in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, on the California/Nevada state line for
the western edition of the Gathering of the Faithful Open to all MGs, the setting for this event alone is worth the trip, and Lawrie Alexander has put together a terrific program of activities for all attending.

The Moss Road Show then heads to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the GOF Central on July 15th, where
another great gathering of MGs is expected, while our August travels will take us to the AMGBA
Convention at the MG Museum In Westminster, Vermont for three days of MG related fun and activity, taking in the superb collection of cars at the Museum. Following this we will pay a return
visit to the National MGC meet in beautiful Staunton, Virginia – where the other Abingdon-built “Brutes” will get together for their annual reunion! Finally, we head to Grand Rapids for the biggest gathering of MGs on the North American Continent, at the University Motors Summer Party, August 20th.

While we are back east, our colleagues in Team II will look forward to seeing you at the Vintage Triumph Register’s Convention In Seattle, practicing their skills in readiness for Triumphest ’93 at Sacramento in October. Details of these and many other major events of interest to British car enthusiasts can be found in our comprehensive calendar of events on the facing page. We’ve told you where and when, now It’s up to you to decide which of these fabulous events you are going
to drive to In your British automobile!

Now for something completely different! I recently watched a new video from British Motor Heritage. 77ie MGBStory, and found it absolutely fascinating. Included is rare footage of the history
and development of Britain’s most popular sports car (Editor’s gentle cough at this outright MGB bias about bestselling Ken?) and interviews with John Thornley, Don Hayter and Stuart Turner,
former manager of the BMC Competitions department. Also, exclusive, live footage of the new MG RV8 on the road. A must for every MG afficionado’s tape library, the video is now avail
able from Moss part #211-060 for a mere S39.95. and worth every penny!

Thanks to all of you who returned our Club Questionaire. Your input was very much appreciated and has helped enormously in our efforts to guide people to the club nearest to their home. If you feel that your club needs some publicity, please send us details and we’ll try and include a mention in our newsletter.

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