Improving the Breed

By Christine Knight

Mike Pavlik is a Triumph guy. He’s owned 14 of them through the years, starting with a TR3A while he was in college.

His prize is this highly customized 1972 TR6. It was rough when he got it, but through the years he has restored the car while adding more than 60 updates. In his eyes, the upgrades illustrate what might have evolved from the base model if the company had continued to produce it. Following the factory’s lead, he calls this model a TR6A.


Pavlik has also developed a home for the car that is part art gallery and part shrine. His garage walls feature Triumph sculptures made from spare car parts. Included in the art collection are a TR4 front end, the front and rear ends of a TR6, a TR3A tail, and the complete side of a TR6.

With the TR6A parked among the car displays, he’s got six Triumphs in the garage, even though five of them are hung on the walls. Adding to the décor are nameplates, oil company signs, route signs, plus other automobilia and awards.

Moss honors this level of passion and enthusiasm for British car ownership among its loyal customers!


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