The Insider’s Perspective: Triumph TR250

By Kelvin Dodd, Global Sourcing Engineer, Moss Motors

It’s interesting how transitional models received poor press upon release, but later become more sought after for their rarity. The TR250 is a perfect example. When it was released, everyone knew that there was a completely re-styled car soon to arrive. Those that couldn’t wait were treated to a smooth six cylinder that completely changed the feel of the TR4A chassis the car was based on. Looking back with hindsight, the TR250 combined the best of the quirky TR4 styling with the comparably modern bullet054_HMN107proof straight six. For me, the more modern look of the TR6 could never capture the same sense of aggressiveness that was offered by the earlier cars. Or maybe it was just that my first Airfix car kit was a TR4A and the mix of glue fumes and pre-adolescent hormones did something permanent to my brain. 

Whatever the reason, the TR250 is my favorite classic TR. I love the stripe over the bonnet, but could do without the Rostyle hub caps. I’m sorry, but lets face it, these were not the top of the line styling product even at the time. In the next higher priced bin were lovely alloys with names like Wolfrace and Cosmic, but they were a bit beyond the corporate price point. It’s items like this that really point out the downside of uniqueness. If you bolt on a set of Panasport wheels, be prepared to have to prove, in fear of dire retribution, that the original wheels and hubcaps are carefully stored away, for the next “caretaker” of your classic.

If my lottery ticket finally comes through, I’m on the next plane to Colorado. I know where there is a really nice bright yellow TR250 that’s been lovingly restored by a place called Sports Car Craftsmen. It’s sporting a Moss supercharger and from what I hear it’s more fun than a leg full of weasels.

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