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MGB Triplex Windshield

New product report: Original Tooling Located MGB Triplex Windshield By Pat Fewell, Moss Motors Corporate Purchasing Manager Photography by the author When customers began to complain about fitment issues on our MGB windscreens, Michael Grant, our Product Quality Manager, alerted me to the issues our customers were struggling with. As we reviewed the reported issues he test fit Moss…


A Tale Of Two MGs

By Ken Tanner               My MG number 1 is a 1951 MG TD. I started to rebuild it in 1962 at the age of 15 when my Dad said, “If you can fix it, it is yours”. Unfortunately, my brother had a minor accident and damaged the front-right section of the car which I…


“Yes. In This Car.”

By Roy Locock I am a traveler, a gypsy, nomad, drifter or any of the names given to people who feel they don’t have roots. I have always been this way. I am curious. I want to know what’s over the next hill, and then the next. Between my teens and my sixties I held…


Jake’s B

My Uncle Jake Darsey was one of the most influential men in my life.  Next to my dad, I’m sure he had more impact on my life as a boy than any other adult male.  Not until I was in late elementary school or early jr. high did I discover to my great shock that…


Three Great Cars for the First-Time Restorer

We constantly hear from people who want to buy a classic car. They yearn for that sports car experience—a curvy road, a humming engine and a nice day to put the top down. Some want to do a frame-up restoration including windshield repair and transmission overhaul, while others just want a play car to take…

MGB GT Reborn Electric

A long, long time ago, when my wife and I started to shop for a car we fell in love with an MGB/GT, and this became our first new car in 1968. When our children came along and we needed more cargo space, we purchased a station wagon. Several years later, when our youngsters were…


Not So Tight

By Bob McCowan My story begins with my first acquisition of a Triumph TR3. In January 1959 I returned to the US after spending 15 months as a Marine fighter pilot in the Far East. I was in need of a car after failing to purchase a Mercedes Benz 190SL in Tokyo at a discounted…


On Those Who Built the MGB

Of my many visits to Abingdon in the seventies, it always surprised me that many of the men and women who labored at the “Gee,” as the plant was known, didn’t even own a car, never mind an MG. Most of them traveled to and from their modest homes, located in the surrounding rural countryside,…


The Le Mans MGB in Traffic

by the late Graham Robson Before Graham passed away last year he asked what topics I wanted him to write about for Moss Motoring. So often he wrote about leaders who influenced the British car industry, but my favorite stories of his were when he gave readers a look into highlights of his own life…


Braking News

by Eric Glomstad My 1970 MGB had a braking problem. The left rear would sometimes lock up and the tire would skid on hard braking. However, there was no evidence of leaking fluid on the bottom edge of the drum. In addition, the e-brake was not working, no matter how hard I pulled the handle….

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