Time to Rest

by Scott Lehman @bouldersprites

Ice encrusts my grill at speed,
Kicked up from last night’s snow;
The roads are tight,
I’m feelin’ right,
My grip will not let go.

The Sun cuts low across my path,
With Earth it doth conspire;
To shorten days,
And chill the nights,
Brings change of least desire.

So I accept this might be the night,
This season’s last “Let’s go”;
Those cherished times,
from Spring to Fall,
that every sportscar knows.

When the doors go up and drivers come,
With their cheers and smiles in tow;
My fuel goes in and it feels just like
a hug from someone you know.

The starter helps me spring to life,
It’s then I start to grin,
The smiles that I will bring that day,
Are all I need to win.
But that was then, and will come again,
Alas, today is another time;
The snow that fell,
reminds us well,
Of the Season’s endless rhyme.

Arriving home, the door goes up,
My heart it feels the warmth,
Of the cozy spot that is made for me,
To sleep these winter months.

I am content with how I ran,
I did my best, you know,
And next year with some sorting time,
I’m sure my skills will grow.

So, now I sleep, my charger on,
Battery ready to go;
And dream of drives,
Like packaged gifts
To their owners cars bestow.

Forget me not, I’m here for you,
Your dreams all wrapped inside;
To take you where
Your heart feels best,
And Friends are by your side.

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'Time to Rest' has 1 comment

  1. October 19, 2023 @ 2:53 pm Bill V.

    Wonderful poem!!!
    How would one reach out to Scott???


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