Issue 3, 2023


ISSUE 3, 2023

Welcome to Issue 3, 2023 of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Bouncing Across America

by Bruce Porter The Trials of Driving a Morgan That Would Rather Have Stayed Home in Britain The plan was to pick up the brand new 1986 Morgan Plus 8 in San Francisco, where it was imported from the factory in England, and drive it back home to Brooklyn. I’d been warned, of course, that…

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Some More Dos Than Don’ts When Working on Your MGA

by Ned Serleth Perhaps you’ve read my last DIY exposé in Moss Motoring on working on your MGA. Well, let’s ramble on and address another step of the restoration process: body repair, especially those infernal B-posts, sills, and accompanying rocker panels where rust grows like weeds in a garden, causing the body of your MGA…


Formula Ford Recollections

by Ed Praxel In the 1970s, one of my ambitions was to race a car on as many British race circuits as possible. So, with help from friends and family I set out to do this. A relocation from Panama to the north of England was the first part of accomplishing this quest. The second…


Time to Rest

by Scott Lehman @bouldersprites Ice encrusts my grill at speed,Kicked up from last night’s snow;The roads are tight,I’m feelin’ right,My grip will not let go. The Sun cuts low across my path,With Earth it doth conspire;To shorten days,And chill the nights,Brings change of least desire. So I accept this might be the night,This season’s last…

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Coming of Age

by Frank Barret Circa 1960 in Hanover, New Hampshire—a lovely small town nestled in the upper Connecticut River Valley and the home of Dartmouth College—there was never a shortage of interesting European sports cars, either in residence or passing through. My older middle brother, an avid reader of Road & Track, would keep an eye…


Capital Triumph Register

by Matthew McGuire Ironically, my wife and I relocated to London, England, about a year after I acquired a Spitfire, so all the refurbishments I was considering were either on hold or being conducted piecemeal during our occasional visits back stateside. However, whilst abroad, I was still posting photos on the Triumph Experience website of…


Car Art

Some people want their car to be precicely like it was when it was hastily driven off the factory floor to the transporter. All original, baby. And then there are folks like Steve Homewood who, with precious memories of years of youth spent in Montana and Wyoming, sent cut swaths of leather to the best…


One-of-a-Kind Tools: DIY Valve Compressor

by Russ Van Tine There is often a problem discovered on many XPAG engines that have been worked on by people who are not familiar with its design. The valve seals get installed incorrectly below the spring washer (instead of above the washer and below the cotters) causing a lot of oil to pass down…


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