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The Keys to Your First Classic

The Keys to Your First Classic By Karan Bhatia, member of the Southern California Triumph Owners Association   The desire to own a classic car was growing and it finally felt the time was right to begin my search. My dad, a life-long automobile lover, has owned and maintained a variety of his own British…

British Car Ownership

By Dr. Rusty Bentley, AKA George E. Giese When do you own your car? No, I don’t mean just in the legal sense or the mere physical act of possession, but as an enthusiast, when do you really feel that your wheels are yours? As a former car salesman, I recognized that for many people…


Austin-Healey: The Other British Classic

By Alan Paradise As the ignition key is inserted into its designated position, the anticipation builds. The ignition is activated and the gas pedal is gently depressed. The starter spins the heavy flywheel, which, in turn, begins the process for internal combustion. The pistons pump volatile vapor and burned gases. Then, it happens—the wonderful sound…


Spotlight on British Cars

Why we love ‘em, play with ‘em, and even occasionally drive ‘em By Rick Feibusch I have been a confirmed British car enthusiast from early childhood. It’s my Mom’s fault. I was one of those Dr. Spock baby-boomer babies (as opposed to a Mr. Spock, logical, Live-Long-and-Prosper baby) who could do no wrong and was…


British Invade Mid-Ohio

Triumph, MG and Austin-Healey win big at the 2002 SCCA Valvoline Runoffs By Leonard Emanuelson; photography by Bob Ucker/Showcase Photo I’ve been a road-race fan for years, but vintage British sports cars have never been on my radar. That all changed on a lazy Sunday afternoon last November. I was driving my wife insane channel…


2003 VARA British Extravaganza

Pre-War cars and mud bogs flavor the 8th annual event By Leonard Emanuelson & Tom Morr For the eighth straight year, Moss Motors teamed up with the Vintage Automobile Racing Association (VARA) to produce the British Extravaganza. The largest car show and vintage race of its type on the West Coast, the British Extravaganza attracts…


Two for the Road

Outstanding cars from the 2003 British Extravaganza By Leonard Emanuelson & Ken Smith Big shows such as the 2003 VARA/Moss Motors British Extravaganza this past May have more good stuff than will fit in one issue of British Motoring. We enjoyed the diverse range of rare, restored, and race-ready cars that descended on the Buttonwillow…


Editorial: British Car Shows Breed Better Stories

By Robert Goldman This editorial was going to be a harangue about the lack of a truly big British car day in Southern California. We have as high a population of British classics here as anywhere in the U.S., yet it’s been years since Southern California could muster 500 cars all on the same day….


British Value Guide: TR250/6

By Rick Feibusch The Triumph TR6 just might be the last mid-sized British roadster bargain. While exceptional examples are in the $15,000 area, very presentable drivers can still be had for about ten grand. This buys a gutsy little roadster with lots of bottom end, a snarly exhaust note, and an interior that can accommodate…


British Value Guide: MG TD-F

By Rick Feibusch Sportscars are as American as apple pie. In the early days of motoring, many of the world’s sportiest speedsters and raciest roadsters were built right here in the good ol’ US of A. While cars like the Stutz Bearcat, Mercer Racabout, and the Apperson Jackrabbit could burn up a track with the…

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